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01:53 - 1. Previously you rejected quarterly testing (blood?) saying we don't have the context to make the results personally relevant. Wouldn't years of previous results give you the context you need?

4:00 - 2. I recently saw an article that robotic surgery has been connected to 144 deaths in the US since 2000 due to various "malfunctions". This equates less than 10/yr, I imagine the humans fare much worse, thoughts?

6:06 - 3. Thoughts on baby-led weaning vs. feeding puréed foods? What does the research say?

08:56 - 4. Are there any good studies on whether the use of probiotics helps with the treatment/management of IBS?

10:37 - 5. How strong is the link between statin use and the risk of developing diabetes? How should that link affect the calculation/decision to start a patient on a statin?

13:21 - 6. Do antibiotic ointments (neosporin, bacitracin, bactroban, etc) contribute to antibiotic resistance? If so, is the benefit of their use on small wounds sufficient to outweigh the cost?

15:23 - 7. Do you have an opinion on the "worm wars"? The re-analysis of Miguel and Kremer's deworming trial?

19:13 - 8. What's the reason for waiting 15+ minutes after applying sunscreen before going out in the sun? Everyone says to do it, but no one says why.

19:50 - 9. What's your opinion on class-wide or school-wide bans on allergens nuts, etc.? Do the benefits really outweigh the costs? What about bans on alternatives (like soy-based peanut butter replacements)?

22:06 - 10. Why are many chiropractors on bad terms with modern medicine? I enjoy the benefits I get from chiropractic care, but every chiropractor I've been to is at odds with vaccines and traditional doctors.

24:32 - 11. Can household chemicals (e.g. soaps and cleaners) be absorbed through the skin and cause problems, especially for children and pregnant women? Any specific products or ingredients we should avoid?

25:00 - 12. Is there any truth to the rumor that banana peels will help take out splinters?

25:19 - 13. My nephew habitually walks on his toes and doesn't seem to want/be able to walk with his heels on the ground. he's 3 yrs old. will he need physical therapy?

25:51 - 14. Is recurring edema in both feet without numbness something to be worried about? Is there any way to treat or prevent it beyond elevation exercise and sodium intake reduction?

26:21 - 15. Is there any research on the benefits of Gluten free Casein free diet for autistic children?

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Anyway, let's launch into it. Hopefully this time it's real and people are actually here. First question, Dave K, and now I should  be really good at this because I've done it before. 

Previously you rejected quarterly testing of blood, saying we don't have the context to make the results personally relevant. Would't years of previous results give you the context you need? 

No. Not, they shouldn't, and you should go watch the whole episode on this topic, because it'll give you much more detail than I'm going to right now. But the problem isn't thinking that, you know, the levels of the things that we can see on a blood test are very consistent. Um, there's a huge range of what we consider normal. You know, big discrepancies. [2:22]