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01:53 - 1. Previously you rejected quarterly testing (blood?) saying we don't have the context to make the results personally relevant. Wouldn't years of previous results give you the context you need?

4:00 - 2. I recently saw an article that robotic surgery has been connected to 144 deaths in the US since 2000 due to various "malfunctions". This equates less than 10/yr, I imagine the humans fare much worse, thoughts?

6:06 - 3. Thoughts on baby-led weaning vs. feeding puréed foods? What does the research say?

08:56 - 4. Are there any good studies on whether the use of probiotics helps with the treatment/management of IBS?

10:37 - 5. How strong is the link between statin use and the risk of developing diabetes? How should that link affect the calculation/decision to start a patient on a statin?

13:21 - 6. Do antibiotic ointments (neosporin, bacitracin, bactroban, etc) contribute to antibiotic resistance? If so, is the benefit of their use on small wounds sufficient to outweigh the cost?

15:23 - 7. Do you have an opinion on the "worm wars"? The re-analysis of Miguel and Kremer's deworming trial?

19:13 - 8. What's the reason for waiting 15+ minutes after applying sunscreen before going out in the sun? Everyone says to do it, but no one says why.

19:50 - 9. What's your opinion on class-wide or school-wide bans on allergens nuts, etc.? Do the benefits really outweigh the costs? What about bans on alternatives (like soy-based peanut butter replacements)?

22:06 - 10. Why are many chiropractors on bad terms with modern medicine? I enjoy the benefits I get from chiropractic care, but every chiropractor I've been to is at odds with vaccines and traditional doctors.

24:32 - 11. Can household chemicals (e.g. soaps and cleaners) be absorbed through the skin and cause problems, especially for children and pregnant women? Any specific products or ingredients we should avoid?

25:00 - 12. Is there any truth to the rumor that banana peels will help take out splinters?

25:19 - 13. My nephew habitually walks on his toes and doesn't seem to want/be able to walk with his heels on the ground. he's 3 yrs old. will he need physical therapy?

25:51 - 14. Is recurring edema in both feet without numbness something to be worried about? Is there any way to treat or prevent it beyond elevation exercise and sodium intake reduction?

26:21 - 15. Is there any research on the benefits of Gluten free Casein free diet for autistic children?

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