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Demi Adejuyigbe reads Kimmy Walters' poem, "Difficult Baby".

Demi Adejuyigbe:

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Hi.  My name's Demi Adejuyigbe, I'm a writer and comedian, and today, I'm gonna be reading a poem by Kimmy Walters called "Difficult Baby".  I picked this poem because Kimmy is someone who I've admired for years through Twitter and she released this collection of poetry called Uptalk a few years ago and I really loved it.  I feel like a lot of poetry seems like it has a hard barrier to entry or feels like it's more focused on the poeticism of the message and Kimmy is very good at blending the poeticism of a story and just making something feel very funny and relatable.

Difficult Baby

look at this picture of me as a baby
I look exactly the same now
just more difficult

for the sake of accuracy, they should
call puberty the difficulting 
but they don't want it to sound like 
a horror movie

because then nobody would do it
we all know how horror movies end
if you're still alive, your hair is full of twigs and shit

and the killer is just out of frame
breathing down the frame's
very straight neck

years ago, my sister told me about
a horror movie she couldn't
remember the name of
so she called it the something

and every part of my body
reached out to claim
that name for itself