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The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!

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Hey there, I am Matthew Gaydos and welcome to The Warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you.

For those of you that went to VidCon, I hope you had a very fun time. A couple of you have already sent me pictures of you guys rocking your Fort Awesome shirts at VidCon. So if you have pictures of yourself repping some DFTBA merchandise at VidCon, send it in and you can be featured in a future Warehouse video as well.

It is time for the newest of the new merch news. First up is this brand new 'Cute but Deadly' shirt from The Frogman and you can pre-order that right now on the website. Also up for pre-order right now on the website is the Hannah Hart Carrot Onesie modelled beautifully here by Hank. And we also have a brand new pre-order poster up on the website right now. It is from T. Michael Martin and says "Books give us the panoramic spectrum of possibilities for encountering life in a new way". So that is up for pre-order right now on the website. And the last bit of new merch news is not a pre-order item but actually one that we have currently in the warehouse. It is this Gallifrey DFTBA shirt. For you non-Time Lords out there, this says DFTBA in Gallifreyan. So you can head on over to if you want to pick one of those up.

Now it's time for some NerdfArt. Mikiprice on Tumblr did these really cool digital paintings of John and Hank and if you like you can go check out the full resolution glory of them at the link down in the flap.

But that does it for this week guys. All the links to every single thing I talked about today will down in the flap. And you can always find me on my channel at or on Twitter, @MatthewGaydos. Or if you're going to be in Seattle this weekend at the Hank Green and The Perfect Strangers - Driftless Pony Club - Rob Scallon show, that thing, I'm gonna be there at the late show so you can find me there as well. So I will see you next week with a brand new episode of The Warehouse and until then, don't forget to be awesome.