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The weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you!



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Hey there, I am Matthew Gaydos and welcome to The Warehouse, the weekly show where we share the DFTBA warehouse with you.

Behind me is a table filled with merchandise but it's not just any merchandise, this is the merchandise we are sending to VidCon. There is a lot of it so I am going to go through it one by one as fast as I can so this video isn't twenty minutes long. So those of you who are going to VidCon can see what will be available to purchase there at the place.

First up: music. The Hank Green CDs that we are sending to VidCon include: Ellen Hardcastle, This Machine Pwns n00bs, and the clean and explicit versions of Incongruent. Driftless Pony Club will be at VidCon and you can get all three of these CDs there as well: ExpertBuckminster, and Magnicifent. You will also be able to pick up both Chameleon Circuit CDs as well as CDs from Charlie McDonnell, Rhett and Link and Meghan Tonjes. You're also gonna be able to pick up some vinyl records at VidCon which include Zebadiah Zebra Pants from Mike Falzone and Love & Desolation from Andrew Huang. You'll also be able to get the CD version of that album as well as Andrew's other CDs The Coldest Darkness and Songs To Wear Pants To.

So those are the CDs that we are sending to VidCon and now it's time to talk to you about some little accessories here. Stickers, you want them, we got them. We've got black and white versions of This Machine Kills Fascists, we've got Unicorn Warrior and we've also got a set of Rhett and Link stickers. We've also got a bunch of wristbands going to VidCon including two from Charles Trippy, a DFTBA band, a Rhett and Link band and then two different sizes of This Star Won't Go Out. We've got Lizzie Bennet DiariesHazel and Gus iPhone casesZoey and Marley iPhone cases, Jetpack Unicorn, Story War, this Karen Kavett Bookmark set, the Charles Trippy Wi-fi Tattoo packs, Okay? Okay Cloud keychains and lapel pins, DFTBA Records Buttons set which includes a bunch of different little designs here, the Nerdfighter Logo lapel pin, this DFTBA necklace designed by Karen Kavett, Season One of My Drunk Kitchen, and Mike Falzone's book Never Stop Shutting Up.

So that does it for the other stuff category. Let's talk about t-shirts. T-shirts that are going to VidCon include the Mother Effing Fox, the We're The Exception Crash Course Mongols shirt, this Green Rhett and Link shirt, the Everything is Dead Brain Scoop shirt, the Good Mythical Morning shirtthis one from CGP Grey, This Star Won't Go OutThe Fault In Our Stars Okay Clouds, No Edge, Pizza John, Holden Caulfield, Anna and the TARDISDFTBAQualiTEA, and then four different Charles Trippy shirts are going which include this Go Vlog Yourself shirt, this Black Internet Killed Television shirt, the grey rainbow Internet killed Television shirt, and this black retro style Internet Killed Television shirt. So those are the shirts that are going to VidCon. I have a lot of stuff to put away.

But it's time for posters! As far as the big posters going to VidCon, we have Karen Kavett's Ampersands Poster, this Nerds Like Us John Green Quote Poster, this Wheezy Waiter vs The World Poster, this one where you can have your very own charlieissocoollike, the new Charles Trippy We Are CTFxC poster, and the Sexplanations Want Will Won't poster. Now obviously the cool thing about getting a poster at VidCon is that many YouTubers to have their own signing lines or little meetups. So you can pick up a poster and have them sign it right there for you.

Now it's time to talk about the 11 by 17 posters that we are sending to VidCon which includes the Why Is The Sky Dark At Night? Minute Physics Poster, the Lizzie Bennet You Make Me Dizzie poster, the Soon Raccoon, this one from Rhett and Link, this Looking for Alaska Collage, The World Is Not A Wish Granting FactoryIf People Were Rain I Was Drizzle And She Was A Hurricane, both the yellow on black and black on black versions of Michael Aranda's poster, the My Drunk Kitchen poster, the Okay? Okay Swing Set poster, the My Thoughts Are Stars I Cannot Fathom Into Constellations poster, this one of the Lizzie Bennet castDon't Forget To Be Awesomeanother one from Rhett and LinkI Cannot Tell You How Thankful I Am For Our Little Infinity, and finally this Fault In Our Stars Collage poster.

So that is it guys, that is all of the DFTBA merchandise that is going to VidCon. Oh wait, I lied. You will also be able to pick up a Zoey and Marley at the VidCon. So that is the merch that is currently on its way to VidCon that you guys will be able to purchase in person this upcoming weekend. For those of you who are going, I really hope you have a good time at VidCon. It is a great time, I am sure you will enjoy yourself. And while you're at VidCon, if you have some pictures of yourself repping some DFTBA merchandise you should tweet that to me @MatthewGaydos and maybe you'll see yourself in a future Warehouse video.

But that does it for this week guys. As always, the links to every single... Nope! Not, not gonna do that. I'm just gonna put a link to in the flap 'cause that's a lot of links. But you can always find me on my channel at or on Twitter, @MatthewGaydos. So I will see you next week with a brand new episode of The Warehouse and until then, don't forget to be awesome.