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This week marks 4 years of Sexplanations and to celebrate I wanted to focus on you, our audience! Some of you have shared your favorite Sexplanations memories and thoughts on the show so we made a compilation of it as this week’s video. It’s beautiful and I cried when I first saw it.
I’m thankful for all of you. Sexplanations would not be what it is without your investment, encouragement, and feedback. To show my gratitude I’ve started a podcast called Sexplanations Podcast.
Here's a link to our first episode:

I’ve also made two new t-shirts for you to buy at
One is heather black with my rainbow handwriting and the other is the fan favorite, heather maroon with black handwriting.

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On June 10th, 2017, Sexplanations will be turning four years old. That's four years of me, Lindsey Doe, in front of the camera, four years of dialogue with you in the comments, on social media, and at meetups, four years of content that I'm really proud of. So many of you have shared stories of the impact Sexplanations has had on you and I want you to know it inspires me to do better, to work harder and smarter, and to give what I can, which today is over 230 videos, 230 labors of love. To celebrate, I thought it would be special to hear from the voices that make this possible, those of you who cheer us on and fund our projects, people who've been with us since the beginning, those who have come on board over time.

Happy anniversary, Sexplanations!

If it weren't for Sexplanations, I probably wouldn't be running my own sex toy company right now. Thanks, Dr. Doe!

About two or three times a week, I get to teach someone something that I learned on Sexplanations and then it makes their life better.

My favorite Sexplanations memory was definitely the Dr. Lindsey Doe tweeted me back. I'm such a fangirl of hers and I was so obsessed. Second favorite memory is the dildos and vibrators, Night Before Christmas, Christmas carol rhyme that she did where she said all the different ways you can hold them and use 'em and I think it describes what makes Lindsey so incredible. It's those bright eyes, her creativity, and her ability to make anybody feel comfortable despite the topic, whether we're talking about hiding dildos in a holster or talking about important things like birth control, um, I love you. Happy anniversary. You are the

*singing* Happy birthday to you. I have been watching your videos for many many years now. Thank you, Dr. Doe and thank you everybody on the Sexplanations team... *singing* And many more!

So the first day of shooting Sexplanations, I remember my thought being this is the most playful I've possibly been in 15 years. I was being encouraged to be playful. I was being encouraged to be relaxed and I've never really forgotten that, like that was a really important moment for me as a video-maker. The idea that I could be playful while still actually trying to be, you know, a qualified film-maker.

My husband and I were raised in a pretty sex-negative households and Sexplanations has been a huge source of education for us. It has made a huge difference in our lives, not just our sex lives, but we've, you know, we've learned it's okay to not know things, even when you're an adult. It's okay to keep learning, and it's definitely okay to stay curious. Um, and we're super excited to get to, you know, give all this knowledge to our daughter and have her be raised into a sex-positive person.

In her very first video, I knew that I'd found my place when Lindsey asked, "What kind of pants does Mario wear? Denim-denim-denim."

Everyone at Uplift is so grateful for the work y'all are doing about healthy, sexual relationships and dynamics. We need this information now more than ever. Thank you!

Sexplanations was the gateway drug that got me turned on to Nerdfighteria, online education, and, now, grad school.

Something Sexplanations does well is cover a variety of topics, which encourages open-mindedness and curiosity. I look forward to learning about topics I didn't even know existed because I love being curious and I delight in a project that helps me stay that way. Happy anniversary, Sexplanations.

Congradulations on four years! You make the world a much better place by providing everyone free access to comprehensive sex education and you are awesome, so congratulations!

Watching her has really made me want to persue myself becoming a clinical sexologist. Having seen her and seeing what she does and all the things that she knows and all the things that she has to teach, I want to be able to do that as well and I want to be able to inform others and help them be able to live a happier, better life in regards to their sexuality. Thank you very much, Dr. Doe, and do keep up the good work.

One of the things I appreciate about Sexplanations is Dr. Lindsey Doe sharing details of her personal life to aid and assist her efforts for sex education.

I can honestly say that I have learned more from the Sexplanations in the fou years that it has been on YouTube than I have in my entire life and, because of that, I am able to teach my children to have a healthy attitude toward sex and to always stay curious. 

I'm J.D. and I'm Dan and we're Two Knotty Boys. We love the Sexplanations that you give in perfect rhyme. Making kinky things feel fun and sexy all the time.

My favorite Sexplanations memory was, selfishly, the time that I was on it for two reasons: we got to sit down on my couch and talk about dicks and I never get to talk about dicks; no one ever asks me about dicks and you did so that was a good day; and you had just come from getting--from getting--whipped and paddled at, like, a dominatrix place so you had this weird, like, kinda, far-off look in you eyes. You were kinda decompressing thw whole time. I didn't know what was happening for half of it and then you said that and everything made a lot more sense. So that was my favorite, alright, and great! Happy birthday! Happy fifteen year anniversary! Fifteen more years!

Hey, Sexplanations, you're four years old. What are some of my favorite memories? Well, one of them is being the first openly intersex person on Sexplanations and probably telling the entire world that I'm heteroflexible and how curious that helped people stay and how many more dates I got. Thanks, Sexplanations!

I have a confession: before I wrote even a single word of my book, the ABCs of LGBT, I made it a point to watch every single queer-related video on the Sexplanations channel and it was immensely helpful. So this pansexual, gender-questioning potato really appreciates your work. Thank you.

I've been watching Sexplanations since the beginning of the channel. The memory I have is watching the video "Dry Humping Saves Lives" just over and over again and having it really validate my experiences. So glad Sexplanations still exists and is creating amazing sex-ed content that is accessible to everyone.

Just having you as a role-model to look up to is really inspiring and congratulations on four years, Dr. Doe.

Happy birthday, Sexplanations. Thank you for helping me one day talk to my daughter about sex and consent and safety and all kinds of good stuff.

Happy birthday Sexplanations. Thank you for everything and stay curious. 

You're just all so amazing. I want to add my deepest gratitude for Nicholas Jenkins, Matthew Gaydos, Julie Walsh, and Hank Green, who work mostly behind the scenes to make this successful and make me look good. Everyone at Complexly, DFTBA, VidCon, and Patreon, our sponsors over the years, guests on our shows, and all of you who participated in this special edition of Sexplanations. 

Here's my present for four amazing years: I did a poll asking for the next endevor Sexplanations should take on and the most requested was a podcast, so coming soon to headphones near you or a boombox that you play for your whole friend group, Sexplanations the podcast! Something else that I'm really excited to announce is that we have two new t-shirts: this one in black with Stay Curious in my rainbow handwriting and this heather maroon tee with black ink. You can pre-order them both now at Link in the description. The black one's will actually be at VidCon if you want to actually hold them up to your chest for a better sense of how they fit and show off your new shirt in Anaheim. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing four years. Please subscribe and stay curious for more and more.