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Shot this before the last video since George and I were hanging out. Keep those questions coming!

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Lizzie: Hi everyone! It's Saturday! Well, it's Saturday for you. It's not Saturday for me yet, because this Saturday is also known as Bing Lee's birthday. So while we spend the day preparing for the Bing Birthday Bash--Ooh, alliteration is fun--you get another edition of Lizzie Answers Questions!

My name is Lizzie Bennet and this is "Lizzie Answers Random Questions," with extra randomness, I promise!

(Intro plays)

Lizzie: From Jenny Joy on Twitter: "Who'd win in a fight between a shark and a bear if they were in space?" 

Well, assuming they could both breathe, the shark. Sharks are awesome.

From Molly C. on Facebook: "If Jane and Bing were to categorize their relationship, would they be: 1. Single, 2. It's Complicated, or 3. In a Relationship?"

Well, um, if they haven't made it official, I'm not inclined to say, but they are super cute together!

From Melpomene99 on YouTube: "What if we are all real-life versions of characters in stories from other universes?" 

And what if the people in these other universes had these online video portals to watch us through? Whoa!

From Kgilly03 on Twitter: "We know what you, Jane, and Charlotte are doing with your lives professionally, but what is Lydia planning?" 

Well, knowing Lydia all her life, I think there's only one possibility: World domination. 

From Sara S. on Facebook: "How do you think a man should approach a woman if he's interested in her? How would you like to be approached?" 

I think it's different for everyone, but I'm not a fan of the wishy-washy approach. Life's too short! Be direct! Oh, and chivalry? Definitely not dead. 

From KeevinMcGee on Twitter: "Why are you so awesooooome?" 

I eat my vegetables, and so should you! (Takes a bite out of a piece of celery)


"Did you meet Hank Green at VidCon?" 

(Giggles) Well, let me show you a clip!

(Cut to a clip of Hank sleeping in a VidCon beanbag chair. Lizzie sits down in the one next to him, which wakes Hank up.)

Lizzie: Hi. 

(Hank thinks for a second)

Hank: ...Lizzie. You have the show with the crazy mom. 

Lizzie: Yeah!

Hank: That's really good. I like that.

Lizzie: Thank you, I--

Hank: It's really funny!

Lizzie: Thank you, I like your shows. All of them. 

Hank: (laughs) Hi. 

Lizzie: Hi!

(they shake hands. Jump cut back to Lizzie in her room)

Lizzie: From Shaunie Van D. on Facebook: "What would be the first thing you'd do if Hagrid came by and told you, you were a witch?"

I'd start training to be a seeker. And then, maybe turn Lydia's hair blue.

From Heather Escrit on Twitter: "Are there any guys in your life right now?"

George: That is a great question, Heather! So Lizzie, are there any guys in your life right now?

Lizzie: Um, not that I can think of, but if you happen to know any witty, handsome men swimming around, be sure to let them know I'm available.

George: My spidey senses detect that there is a witty, handsome man in the vicinity and I hear he has great shoulders.

Lizzie: Then you should probably get out of here, because I wouldn't want him or his shoulders getting the wrong idea.

George: You're not gonna budge on this, are you?

Lizzie: Nope.

George: [sighs] But you are so way too cute.

Lizzie: You are - Okay, uh, that's it for another episode of "Lizzie Answers Questions."  Be sure to keep those questions coming in the YouTube comments or any other places you can find me online.  Say goodbye, George.

George: Goodbye George, you're awesome.

Lizzie: You idiot!

[outro plays]