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In which the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers score many goals and context continues to be everything.
In video games almost always there is a... Oh! What is this! What is this!

Mmm. Yes! Other John Green to Bald John Green!
"John Greens, John Greens,
Bald and Other John Greens
They love each other and they love our team."

...time. They don't mean it. Oh! It's McGoldrilocks!

The reason that we use... Doh! D. McGoldrilocks!

...desert island stories. There's no ambiguity about that. Oh! And there's no ambiguity about that! Ginger Rampage!
"Ginger Rampage, Ginger Rampage,
Ginger Rampage has a soul."

It's in the back that our real weakness shows. Context is everything.

...diction works. Oh?! Yes! Bald John Green to Other John Green!

Who's goal hungry today? Who is it? Nobody. Nobody's goal hungry today apparently.

D. McGoldrilocks?! Ohoho!

People not wanting to be part of the team anymore... Oh!

We love... Oh! Other John Green to Bald John Green!

Bald John Green! Bald John Green! He's a finisher!

Why isn't there a question about is it wrong to ask your girlfriend for money. I used to ask my girlfriends for money all the time.

Husband to husband!

You're looking at a 60 year old dating an infant and I do have a problem with that.

...different when I was - Oh! What a goal right at the start!

Speaking of on a rampage. Off the post and into the net!

Doh! Yes!

I cannot imagine why that is even a question. Oh yes!

That's a great, great cross! Oh! Finally!
"He's big, he's red,
He's found the perfect bed,
D. McGoldrilocks."

Doh! What a beautiful goal from Bald John Green!

They're very tempting with their money and their promises of, mostly of money.

On that email thread to see... It's gotta be! And it is!

...but I'm just - It's gotta be! And it is! Other John Green!

It's gotta be! And it is! Finally!

I mean L. Campunccino, I think he saved that with his armpit hair but I admire that.

Not like your regular... D. McGoldrilocks gets us within...

It is! Ooooh! Jesus Ángel!

I mean, I hate unicorns because they're so hatable.

...made for Hank even though I no... Oh! Bald John Green! It's a tie ball game!

Stieg Larsson. He's a great mystery novelist and apparently a striker for Birmingham City.

My, uh, um, accountant sends every single email to me in Comic Sans.

...because I love them. Oh! Jesus Ángel! Oh! Oh! He did it!
"He scores when he wants,
He scores when he wants."
That was way off key.

Look how open he is. Look how open he is! Yes! It's Other John Green!

I guess they don't think that Nicolas Cage is a good actor but also they think that, um, his hair is a bird so therefore your argument is invalid.

Leroy Williamson! What?! Out of nothing!

Just like "Oh that's not a very..." Oh!

It's been a good day for the Swoodilypoopers and a tough day for Scunthorpe United because, in addition to having to dress like bumblebees, they are also losing two-nil.