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This week's questions:
3:39 Transcendental Meditation makes some wacky claims (tumor prevention), but they make an interesting claim that TM is more effective than other forms of meditation. Is there any merit to this?
5:26 Why does it seem like American dentists are so intent on removing wisdom teeth? Do most people really need this procedure?
7:03 Is sugar addictive? If sugar addiction is a behavioral addiction, is sugar addictive?
8:12 Does sunscreen expire? If I have a bottle left over from last summer, would it still be okay to use?
9:06 I'm a young adult in decent health, but I've been having dizzy spells from time to time. Doctor did bloodwork and it looked normal. How concerned should I be? Is it normal for coffee to cause it?
10:33 In sodium video, it suggested adverse effects for sodium consumption lower than 3g. What sort of people fall into this category? Are they from poorer countries?
12:07 Anyone know what the deal is with microwave popcorn? I was eating some in front of my mother in law the other day and she told me it was going to give me cancer. I'm naturally suspicious of those claims but a cursory Internet search brought up articles on diacetyl, PFOA, TBHQ, popcorn lung, etc. Nothing seemed very convincing but I'm curious if anyone has good evidence one way or another?
14:39 I was wondering whether you've seen any research on phimosis in the elderly. I've worked with several patients who have had it. Just curious if that's normal for the uncircumcised elderly.
15:22 Has there been any study initiated that Pokémon Go has had a positive effect on blood sugar levels or other values?
18:26 I'm curious, are vaccination and booster shot "due dates" different for every person, or totally generic? Does missing the dates by a week, month, year, etc. change their effectiveness?
19:38 Does the use of Aluminium products increase the chance of getting Alzheimer's?
20:32 Why is it so hard to install universal healthcare system!!
22:39 As and MD/parent, what is your stance on spanking for behavior modification?
24:36 What is the reason for you dear sir that motivated you to become a doctor?
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