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Do you think this is the least active generation?
Hello, it's Hank. I've had some people talk to me about this over the years that say things like um, 'This generation is so apathetic, and they don't have uh any activists, and they don't do any activism. They're just on the internet all the time.' And blah, blah, blah. Uh, and I, like, like newspaper reporters. And they're like and 'It's so interesting what you and the Harry Potter Alliance have been able to do.' And like I just, I just don't see that. Like I felt apathy like and saw apathy when I was uh young, um and I'm sure that that's there now still. I think that it's always been there and think that it will always be there. But the question of whether or not like that like this generation is more apathetic, I just don't, that seems completely crazy to me. But I'm not part of that generation, so I'm curious, if you are part of that generation, by which I mean people who are in their early twenties right now, or you know maybe a little older or younger than that. Um what's your... Like do you feel like your generation is apathetic; do you feel like your not sort of concerned about the issues that we face today? When I meet people um, of that generation, which I see a lot of at like LeakyCon and VidCon and on tour and stuff, I don't feel that way about them. I feel like they're very active, very interested people who are going out and doing interesting things and having a good time. And uh, and uh, care about the world pretty deeply. Um, so I'm curious what people think about that. I'd love to hear your perspectives because I don't want to be, you know, sort of uninformed on this topic um, especially because a lot of what I do is important. Um, you know, one thing is like you can kind of say like, yeah they do less - maybe they do less on, in the world, but that's 'cause they kind of live on the internet, so of course they do less in the world, 'cause they don't live in the world as previous generations have experienced it. And you can also say that they do less that older generations because they have less money. Because they're about to like go $100,000 into debt, teaching themselves things. So yeah. But, anyway. I'm curious about your perspectives. Uh, those are some of mine, but certainly not all of them. Just a little iPhone video. Goodbye.