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Pretty much what the title says.
Hey, it's Hank. Uh, My last video was about whether or not, people of the young generation these days are more apathetic than previous generations and um, there's a vide-- comment on that video right now, top comment, 60 thumbs up, that says something to the effect of 'My problem isn't that I'm apathetic, it's that I'm not apathetic enough and that I care about all of these different things and there are so many different problems with the world and it's really frustrating and I don't know what to face first and it's just depressing and it's not, you know, you're sort of constantly bombarded by different, like, messages about what the biggest problem in the world today is and it's just sort of terribly depressing.'

And I get that, I totally get that. Um, and I've struggled with that as well, and it's strange, because partially you can think, like, what is the thing that will solve the most amount of problems. Like, what can I concentrate on that will solve the most amount of problems.

So, a lot of people end up in politics, because of that. Because you think, well, if I can get the right guy elected that agrees with my values, then he'll push for all of the things I care about. And that, you know, works to a certain extent, actually. That's why I think presidential politics are very important, also, local politics. 

Um, and then there's like other ideas that solve a lot of different problems? Like, could we solve the problem of overpopulation and that would solve both like, human rights, and war and environmental problems. All of sort of in one. But, of course, it's not an easy thing to say.

How are we going to make people stop having babies? Because people like having babies. Um, not just the process of making them, but also having them. So that's definitely also, you know, there are organizations that frankly fight against overpopulation organizations. They don't want that kind of control to be had in people's lives. Even if it's, you know, helping people choose better. 

Um, so that's, it's certainly...a huge issue. Another way to respond to it is to find the thing that you care about the most, and that's often the thing that you're sort of involved in generally. And that can be local stuff, like uh, getting people to support local businesses. Or, in my case, like, local stuff is YouTube, 'cause that's where I like, live a lot of my life. So I get really upset when I see YouTube policies that I disagree with, and I want to fight for those more than I want to fight for, you know, some things that probably matter a lot more. Like whether or not there are people starving in the world. 

So, um, it's always...and like, do you care about like, pets? Because there's a lot of money that's raised just for helping animals, like companion animals, find homes, and not have to be put down. And like, so there...but the problem is, how do you pick between all of these things?

And my, sort of, perspective recently, and I've only come to this, you know, within the past few months, is that I feel like there is a lot of different sort of inexcusable things in the world. Um, but to find the ones that are the most sort of egregious, and not, like, hunger. Hunger is a very complicated problem and is very difficult to solve. Um, but like, policies. 

Like stupid things that the world, or generally America, from what I'm thinking about, from my perspective, um, has done that like, we just need to not have that be a thing anymore. And so those particularly egregious things, um, that should not be allowed. 

The most recent one of these that I come across was that in 31 states, a man who rapes a woman, can claim custody of the child that is the result of that rape. After he leaves jail. And that is very wrong. And often what will happen is the lawyer of the man, will say, 'Well, you can drop the rape charges and he can promise not to, he will give up all custody,'.

So a lot of rapists will get off, because they father children, and uh, if someone can find this article, because obviously I'm not an expert on this topic, I just read an article. Um, then please link it in the comments and I'll put it in the description if I can find it. Um, and so like, terrible things like that, like that's sort of like a one-off problem that I feel like we can fix. 

And there's a dog running at me now, so I'm going to go. Um, bye dog. Uh, so thank-you everyone for thinking so hard on this topic and I'm really interested in it and I'm really interested in how we're going to make this world better.

You know, maybe one issue at a time. But it's important to realize that the world is always going to be broken. There is no way to fix everything.