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Shannon and Hannah also made videos of our Sex Geekdom sex conversations at Vidcon you can check out:
And here:

There are many many sexologists in the YouTube community. I'd love to know who else is out there and I would enourage those of you who want to be sex edutaining online to join in the fun!

To stay curious, this is the contact information for Hannah, Shannon, and Sex Geekdom:

Hannah Witton
YT: Hannah Witton

Shannon Boodram

Sex Geekdom
YT: Sex Geekdom
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-- Intro Cut Scene--

Dr. Lindsey Doe: These two people have amazing Sex ed channels on YouTube, and the three of us did an amazing panel-

Hannah Witton: yeah we did.

Dr. Doe: - At VidCon. So what we're going to do today is an exercise called "Sex Geekdom's Sex Conversations." These Cue Cards have little prompts on them with ideas about, you know, how to start an awesome sex conversation with other people that doesn't have to be "how do I now have sex with these other people?" So we're going to rapid-fire, and if you want  to hear my answers to some questions,  we're also going to post more and more and more prompts  on Hannah's Channel and  Shan's Channel.

Hannah: Yep.

Dr. Doe: Okay, here we go! What's the worst sex advice you've ever received?

Shan Boody: I hate the "orgasm is in the mind" thing. People trying to say that you don't orgasm from penetration because you're not "relaxed" enough. "If you relaxed more, you'd have an orgasm." It's a piece of it, it's not the full puzzle.

Hannah: I was always told like, there's a certain percentage of women that just can't orgasm, and I couldn't for ages, and used to like just fall back on that like "it's fine, some women can't." And now, I can, and I hate that I was told that early.

Dr. Doe: Describe something you've changed your mind about that relates to sexuality.

Shan: Paraphilias for sure.

Hannah: That's mine too. We've had conversations about that.

Dr. Doe: Okay, here's the link to Sexplanation's Paraphilias episode.

Dr. Doe: What is your favorite sex-related question to hear from a partner?

Hannah: What do you like?

Shan: What's your fantasy?

Dr. Doe: Can I tell you mine?

Hannah and Shan: YES!

Dr. Doe: (*laughing*)... Again?

Shan and Hannah: (*laughing*)

Shan: Hello! Girl! Wearing the horns right now!

Dr. Doe: What famous sex educator, researcher, or author do you admire most and why?

Shan: Esther Perel.

Hannah: Oh. YES.

Dr. Doe: What is your favorite sex-related word?

Shan: Pussy.

Hannah: Ooh. No. Cunnilingus.

Shan: That's a good one.

Dr. Doe: Yeah that is a good one. The one I like now is "cumpassion".... "cum, cum, cumpassion."

Hannah: oh, CUMpassion.

Shan: Does it mean like coming with passion?

Dr. Doe: Sure! It's a neologism that Matthew Gaydos, the videographer, came up with.

Shan: That's awesome. I love that.

Dr. Doe: I know! That's real good!

Hannah: I wanna have cumpassion.

Dr. Doe: Name something you wish your Sixteen year old self had learned about sex.

Shan: Clitoris.

Hannah: Clitoris.

Dr. Doe: What's one way we can teach young people - 

Hannah: - oh wait! no. You don't have to get fingered.

Dr. Doe: That the vagina is not the opposite of a penis. That masturbation...

Shan: Scratch the record. Don't dig the hole.

Dr. Doe: What's one way we can teach young people about consent?

Hannah: Ooh. Hugs. Using Hugs. Do you want a hug? I would like a hug.

Shan: Love that. I think dances. Hugs and dances.

Dr. Doe: First book you ever read about sex?

Shan: The Kinsey Institute. It's like this big book-

Hannah: Oh that has all of his studies?

Shan: Yeah, I was just... when I wanted to learn about sex, I was like "okay, let's start at the beginning!" and so I got that book at the library and just began a lifelong relationship with sex books.

Hannah: Mine was this big like hard fact cartoon book that my mum got me,  and was called "Let's Talk About Where Babies Come From." There were like these two cartoon narrators, and they were like a cartoon bird  and a cartoon bee.

Dr. Doe: That definitely do not have sex with each other.

Dr. Doe: What sex-related topic do you wish people would talk more about?

Shan: The sexiness of aging.

Dr. Doe: Hmmm.

Hannah: Masturbation.

Shan: Always.

Dr. Doe: Most ridiculous sex tip you've ever seen in a mainstream magazine?

Dr. Doe: I read that you should take your underwear and turn it  into a hair thing to pull back your hair. But I don't wear thongs, so like that big clump of fabric around my really short hair... it is ridiculous.

Hannah: Here's a good bit of advice. I always have a hair tie around my wrist because I like having the option to tie it up, but then also  in sex situations, it's like "raaaah.... okay. right. one second."

Dr. Doe: So you wear a hair tie, so that you can have sex, right? Like this is a "hey, sex on the go!?" and you have a vibrator around your neck, which is also sex on the go! But I don't have a sex on the go.... I have sex on the go!!!!!

Shan: You have sex on the go! We all have sex on the go!

Dr. Doe: What is your favorite book about sex and why?

Hannah: I recently read a book called Vagina by Naomi Wolf.

Shan: Oh my God, She Comes First by Dr. Ian Kerner. 

Dr. Doe: What Sex-related thing do you hope will be invented in the next 20 years?

Shan: Wet Vibrators.

Hannah: Wet Vibrators?

Shan: A little built-in coconut oil distributor.

Dr. Doe: What do you think is the most harmful, widespread myth about sex?

Shan: It would be the Freudian concept that the clitoris is an immature way of orgasming.

Hannah: That if you have a vagina, then sex will hurt the first time you have it.

Dr. Doe: Who is your sex-positivity mentor?

Hannah: Lindsey.

Shan: Lindsey.

Dr. Doe: Awwww! Oh my Gosh! That was so cute!

Shan: Please end the video right now! I love this love-fest!

Dr. Doe: Stay curious! If you want to hear more answers,  and questions, please check out both of their channels and if you want to learn more about sex, please check out both of their channels.

Shan: And more about Lindsey, because we're talking about her on our channels as well too! All the juice!