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00:00 - A friend of mine is asking for help to pay for hyperbaric chamber therapy for her daughter's ASD. What is a hyperbaric chamber? and how is it supposed to help those with ASD?
2:03 - I'm told I have gallstones but no blockages. I cut out dairy and have not had any more attacks. Everyone is telling me to just remove my gallbladder, but I don't want to. Am I just being stubborn?
3:03 When should young women (late teens to early twenties) start seeing a gynecologist? What are your recommendations for finding one while away from home/in college?
4:32 Are kidney stones hereditary? Both my mother and father have had them as well as several of my grandparents and aunts/uncles. Should I be concerned?
5:52 What does the research say about long term or repeated use of antibiotics as a treatment for a UTI?
7:13 I am a cyclist with a 10-month-old. I have taken her around our 'hood in a tow-behind bike trailer, but it's not much of a workout. Is it safe to ride on the roads with her as I usually do solo?
8:35 Thoughts on fecal transplants and engineering the microbiome?
9:15 - Opinion on law enforcement vs education when it comes to changing people's behavior? For example, making it illegal for people to ride their bike helmet-less or telling them about the pros of helmets?
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10:52 - Some people with chronic fatigue or pain think they have a form of Lyme disease. What does the research say on whether chronic Lyme disease is even a thing? Is chronic Lyme disease a myth?
11:43 - What are the actual risks involved with unassisted home birth? I don't have a natural-birth friendly hospital near (95+% intervention rate, 35% c-section rate) and live in a midwife unfriendly state
13:49 - Can you explain modern electroconvulsive therapy in regards to treating major depression? Is in a viable option or only for very extreme cases?
15:09 - What does it mean that a drug is "non-habit-forming?" Should I be worried about taking a sleeping pill (diphenhydramine, 25 mg) every night? I've been doing so for over a year.
17:03 - What are good factors to consider when choosing a family doctor?
18:45 I am never going to stop eating French Fries. What topping is better for me; Ketchup or Mayonnaise?
19:13 I am trying to explain to someone that anti perspirant is not a carcinogen, she refuses to believe me, even though I point her to scientific research. What can I show her to convince her?
20:00 - What is your view on bariatric surgery performed on adolescent patients? Is there data to support this intervention? Is it ethical to do this to someone who is not in charge of their own diet ? 20:35 - My 11 year old daughter wants to be a vegetarian. She says he just doesn't like the taste of meat. Is it okay to let her skip it?
21:30 - What are your thoughts about soylent?
21:47 - What do you think about a gynecologist not prescribing birth control because someone's cholesterol is too high?
22:12 - Standing desks are starting to show up at my work. Is there good research suggesting that sitting is bad for you, and that standing on a regular schedule can help?
22:47 - Do you recommend the TDAP shot in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy or after the baby has been born? Also should dad get it?
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