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In which we debunk myths about relationships, careers, and (yes, really) eating ALL THE CANDY. :D

Quick note about our thoughts on education: Trade schools are also a fantastic investment for many people! Sorry we neglected to mention this, y'all.

How to Get an Education Without Going Broke:

How to Make New Friends as an Adult:

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We all have ideas about what adulthood is supposed to be like, or what it's supposed to mean. But not all of these ideas are necessarily true, so today we're gonna talk about seven myths of adulthood that you might still believe.

Myth #1
You have a single calling.

Most people change their idea of what their calling or what their career should be numerous times throughout adulthood. Just because past you wanted to do something, that doesn't mean present you is really gonna be happiest doing that thing.

Or maybe your strengths just don't play to those particular skills. Like, I, myself, will never be a pop star... sad face.

That doesn't mean you've failed, it just means you can be honest with yourself and choose a job that better suits your skills.

Which leads us to 
Myth #2
Being an adult is nothing but work, work work.

Nopers! While work is required for the majority of us to, like, live, that doesn't mean that work has to be your entire life.

How you spend your non-work time is up to you. It's true when you're an adult, you do have some responsibilities that you have to take care of. But that still leaves you some time to read books or have dinner with friends or have board game nights. There's a lot of fun to be had! Please go have it.

If this is a myth you struggle with, there are hundreds of books, dozens of TED Talks, even a WebMD article about finding a better work-life balance. Maintaining this balance is so important to your physical and mental well-being. Trust us.

Myth #3
College degrees are are worthless.

This is something you hear more and more, especially as college gets more and more expensive. Still, studies show that, on average, people who have college degrees earn more money than those with fewer years of schooling.

Also remember that many jobs want to see a college degree before you even step foot in the door. Even if the degree is not necessarily in the field that you're pursuing. While costs are climbing for an education, those degrees are, on average, still an investment for the wise.

To make it an even wiser investment, you can save money while going to college. To learn some tips about how to save money on your education, please check out our video on that very subject right here.

Myth #4
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage, then comes the two cars and the house in the suburbs and BAM! All your dreams came true.

Quit, drop the mic...
We should get a mic to drop just for those purposes. 
Yeah, sometimes Emma will pick me up over her head and throw me and be like 'drop the mic!' and I'm like, "Ah, it's funny the first five times".

That is the dream for some people, but if that's not your dream, that is a-okay too. So much pressure is put on each generation to fulfill the dreams and follow the steps of the previous generation.

Maybe you'd prefer to live with a group of friends. Maybe you'd prefer to live alone. Maybe you'd prefer to RV across the country. Those are all perfectly fine additions to the blueprint.

Speaking of addition to the blueprint,
Myth #5
Making friends as an adult is impossible.

False. False. Falsity false.

In fact, we've actually made an entire video about this. But, very quickly, between friends at work, your neighbors, the people at your favorite restaurant, friends of friends, online friends who become IRL friends...

(This situation)

Making friends as an adult does not require the help of IMF Agent, Ethan Hunt. 'Cause he just made his fifth movie and it was pretty good, but not as good as part 4: Ghost Protocol.

I'm like, who's Ethan Hunt?
*Mission Impossible theme*
Tom Cruise? I got there eventually. Yes!

And because everyone's busier as adults, the friends you make are usually pretty great friends. You don't have time to spent with anyone who's less than great. This might be more difficult for people who are introverted or for people who work nights or weekends, but it's not as impossible as you've been led to believe.

Myth #6
You can eat all the candy you want!

Well, yes, technically you can, but... 
Okay, I was about to freak out. I'm really glad that you-
No, you have to let me finish. 

So, technically you can, but-
Because this room is Candy City, population: me!

Technically it could be, but if you do eat all the candy it will make you feel like a garbage.

Awe, that's my least favorite thing to feel like.

Also, it will cause you health problems and more trips to the dentist than anyone would care to make. You can definitely treat yourself when the urge hits, but you'll find that sitting down and eating large quantities of junk food can lose its appeal very very quickly.

For some people.

Myth #7
Adults always know what they're doing

For instance, my dad never looks scared. Not even that time he drilled all the way to his finger bone. And he knew how to fix everything. Including his finger bone. That was at true story.

We were making a lightsaber, which makes it sound like it's a fake story, but I have the lightsaber to prove it.
It's kind of modeled after Vader's lightsaber from the original trilogy. I was going to use this for movie-making. And, like, put a dowel rod... The hole originally wasn't deep enough, so my dad took it off of the vice and was like, "Let me drill a little deeper." So he just held it in his hand and the drill bit skidded out of the hole and went here and he drilled all the way into his-
Oh nooooo!
And he just went, "Go get your mother."
Oh no!
And that's how it happened.

But you'll quickly learn that just because you're legally an adult, that does not mean that you'll be required to know everything.

You will get scared, you will feel clueless, but you will learn. And we have many more resources than our parents had! For example, you could ask the internet How to Adult. Badabang!

And that is all we've got for you today! If you guys have any more myths that you would like to share, please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

In the meantime, it is a myth that Emma doesn't know her line, because she does. And it is (the catchphrase), and she is just gonna stare at the camera now...

There was no catchphrase scripted!
Because we keep that secret tightly locked. And one day, it will be revealed.