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Not your traditional out-takes, but actual edited footage that I didn't quite fit the tone of the video. Gotta keep it under four minutes!
[outtake from Lemon video] But I'm pretty strong in my belief that dogs shouldn't get people names, so we didn't want to call her Tina. The reason why I think this, is that there are, you know, sort of a limited number of good human names, but you can call a dog whatever you want: Clipper, Ram, Jet, Button, Binks, Puck. Those are all perfectly acceptable dog names, and they were things that were within, like arms' reach of my right now. But if you go and name your dog Calvin, and then you have a friend who really wants to name their son Calvin, that's weird! That becomes a problem! You can't convert people names into dog names! You're wasting good people names! She was actually born on May 3rd, which is my dad's birthday, so we're all Tauruses in this house - you think we wouldn't get along, being such stubborn bulls. It's almost as if the time of year that you're born doesn't have any bearing on your personality or your future. [slow-motion Lemon shaking]