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So I was going through cleaning off my hard drive and I found a directory full of videos from VidCon 2010. The first one was this one of John and me walking out on stage for the first time.

It was the moment when all of it became real and I was really freaking out and so was John. The guys back stage are two of the YouTube employees we were going to be introducing for their keynote.

I just wanted to make sure that I always have this and that it doesn't get lost in a hard drive crash or something, so I wanted to put it up on this channel. It was a really amazing moment.
John: You're not going to want to record this, because all I'm going to do is curse. Oh, there are a lot of people out there, my friend. We've done some shows, Hank, but we ain't never done this show. Hank: We ain't ever done this show. John: All right, let's do it. Ready? Hank: Yeah. John: You ready? Hank: Yeah! John: Ready? Hank: Where's my microphone? John: Ready?... I know where your microphone is. That's the only thing I know. Hank: I might actually... I may pass out. Right now. [crosstalk]... shirt. Do you sell this? Stage manager: No, this is actually from w00t. John: Ready? Hank: Yeah. John: Let's go f ing do this thing. [crows screaming] Hank: I have a microphone! John: What's up?