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In this episode of Sexplanations, Lindsey chats about Cunnilingus: Oral Sex on a Vulva. Then she, along with helpful hints from the people of Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, shares some ideas about how to make it better.

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Eating out, going down, muff munching, clam diving, lip reading, beaver cleaning. Lots of names, lots of styles and attitudes. This is a Sexplanation of cunnilingus.

Cunnilingus comes from the Latin cunnus, referring to vulva, and lingua, or linger, respectively, tongue and licking. Vulva. Tongue.

These three videos answer questions, describe the how to do, demonstrate positions for oral sex. This video is the explicit list of do's and don't's.

Starting with - don't bite. letlipsdowhathandsdo says what makes you think i would enjoy you biting my labia? 

Some people like teeth. The difference in pressure, and texture, that's to be negotiated, though. Otherwise - don't bite. Do not literally eat pussy.

Do prep vulva and mouth. Don't body shame while doing it. 

Vulva prep means getting tested for infections, removing toilet paper residue, rinsing off and thatching lose hair, like this. Mouth prep is not having hot salsa tongue, cold-sores, or chapped lips. Freshen up, feel healthy, and then get frisky.

Do protect yourself. Don't make assumptions. Infections can be passed mouth to vulva, vulva to mouth, like herpes, yeast, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and HPV. Dams are a great barrier for oral sex to mitigate this risk. They're are also great if you want to separate vulva hair, tastes, and smell, and sensitivity from partner's mouth or facial fur. Have them available for whatever reason. 

If you’re going to go shield-less, do taste test. Taste or smell before committing to a full meal. Don’t decide for someone else whether or not they’ll like the taste.

MackenzieMoers says the vulva isn’t going to smell or taste super amazing in most cases. You might like your taste, someone else might not, and vice versa. Don’t close the kitchen just because you assume no one's interested.

Ready to eat? Do moisturize. KerlerBerry says it's pleasant if both the tongue and the area where the tongue is going are nice and slippery before touching!

Don’t spit. Don’t slobber. inkblotgalaxies says spitting on it can make the person with a vulva REALLY uncomfortable. There is such a thing as too much wetness between the legs.

Do breathe. Don’t blow into the vagina. gaykitchenware emphasizes: don’t blow into the vagina!!!!!!!!!

Do teach each other, things. Don't assume you know, anything. Ask questions, use your words, and unless words say otherwise, do touch all these areas. Like this, this, this, this, this, and this.

Don’t bombard the clit. One common misconception is that cunnilingus is clit-ilingus. Find the sweet spot, then flick it incessantly. No. Video.

SpinEngine wants you to know that clits are really, really, REALLY sensitive. No, more than that. Even more. Yeah, that sensitive.

beatoutsidetheboxing wants you to know to relax on the clitoris. It's not the only nice part of a vulva and it can get sore and hurt if it's manipulated too much. Gotta work up to it.

Do use your hands. Separate the folds of the lips, stroke, massage, create pressure, grab, caress. I mean, wander to the back, the breasts, the thighs, face. Don't punch, slap, prod, poke, tear, or pinch with them - without permission. And don’t insist on penetrating with them, or your tongue.

wasd-toward-me says penetration is not necessary! All the work can be done without going into the vagina.

Do try new positions. 68, butt-ler, drive-thru, ear muffs, Eve's ecstasy, feed bag, forbidden fruit, head rush, licking the flag pole, pie in the sky, riding the north face, riding the south face, scarf, spread eagle, suplex, under the cuckoos nest, under the hood, under the sink.

Don’t let the gravity bring anal fluid into the vulva. Like anything where the person receiving is face down, if there is wetness up here at the anus, we want it to stay away from here, at the vulva.

Do involve other areas, with permission, like the perineum, inner thighs, and anus - as along as you don’t lick the anus then the vulva. Video. UTIs.

Do treat cunnilingus like its own sex act. Like strivetobe-happy says with foreplay building up to it, like it does with other forms of sex. Don’t treat it like it's just a means to penetrative sex. miradori says sometimes it's nice to have it be the star of the night or the sex encounter.

Communicate what feels good, and how you want to be touched. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you like and don’t like.

Enjoy yourselves. Don’t expect an orgasm. If there is an orgasm, take this note from MeganAmeelDobson - often, just post-climax the clitoris will be EXTREMELY SENSITIVE, sometimes to the point of any further contact or stimulation being painful. There is also the possibility that the possessor of said clitoris may not have the faculties at this precise moment to be able to communicate this fact in a clear verbal manner. Situational awareness is key (i.e., the writhing and screaming of NOW are not necessarily the same as the writhing and screaming of 60 seconds ago).

Okay, do maintain contact, otherwise orgasm stops. Just don’t continue to stimulate said clitoris.

Do rest at any time. Don't tire yourself on high volume, high intensity acts. If this is exhausting then do this for a while. Switch it up. if you need help, ask for it. Being that your mouth is occupied, that might entail reaching up, and grabbing your partners hand, bringing it down for them to stimulate their clitoris.

Do share your own questions and suggestions in the comments. Don’t lose your sense of curiosity. Stay curious.

If you can't find a dam at a store, you can order them online, you can get them from dentists' offices, or you can make one. Non-microwaveable Saran wrap works, or you can make one out of a glove. Simply cut off the four fingers leaving the thumb, then make a lateral incision along the pinky side, when you open it up, it should look like this.

Another dam version is a condom. unroll the tip a little, cut off the tip, enter the scissors half in, half out of this loop, snip, unroll. Ta-da!

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