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In which many goals are scored. I recommend you turn your volume down now...

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My experience has been amazing and wonderful. Like that goal from John Green!

I like everything about this. Except the finish. K Sainte-Luce! Ohhh!

Oh Meredith, Meredith, Meredith. Look who's one on one against the keeper. (Sings) Ya ya ya ya Ya Bamba! Is it my birthday?

Brilliance by one player! Oh! Oh! How did you kick the ball! He kicked- Ohhh!

Speaking of competitive there's Bald John Green in the box! Bald John Green. He always does the robot.

Is it a drug thing? Is it about- is it an ecstasy derivative? Are you using the drugs?

White house Down... Oh it's Other John Green! A beautiful cross!

You know what I can hear the Wimbledon fans singing now? And this is a testament to how much they love their club? They're singing: One-nil down, two-one up, that's the way we're going to win the cup. We'll see, Wimbledon fans.

You know, like, I haven't gotten started on YouTube since- Get it! Oh. Ohhh. It's so beautiful.

To Bald John Green! Oh! Bald John Green! From Less Moore!

Oh! Ohhh! Hells Pells, ladies and gentlemen!

Rage un- Oh! It has to be! And it is! On the follow-up! Bald John Green! His husband misses the ball, but he doesn't!

Here he is. I'm sure the Preston player's like, I can take him on. Actually, he can't. He can beat him for pace. That's not good.

Not all English players- Ohhh! Is it my birthday?

Getting it together, partic- Bald John Green with a goal! Bald John Green!

... English players in- Ah.

You know, how long they've waited for this day- oh! Bald John Green! Bald John Green! It's two - nil!

Bald John Green. Big strong man. You gotta score! You gotta score and he does!

... more with any of that, so like - Oh! Hells Pells!

Bald- Oh! Off the post! Ohhh! And his husband, Other John Green scores the goal!

They brought out a man named Iron John. That's- I'm interested in him.

Who is that kid that keeps falling over? Is that Less Moore?

Gold. Ah! Terrible angle but it's good enough for Bald John Green!

anyone that's read any of my books with no-  Oh! Ohhh! Do the robot, John Green!

K Sainte-Luce! K Sainte-Luce! Oh, it's another goal!

And it's... it's Seb Brown. Seb Brown has to find a way. Against David Silva. Seb Brown. Oh! He's got it! He's got it! The AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys have won the FA Cup! Seb Brown saves two penalties against Manchester City and the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys are your FA Cup champions! Defeating Manchester City! The blue and yellow confetti falls from the Wembley stadium! Can you believe it? Ninety thousand watched the richest team in football get beat by a little team that could!