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You asked your science/medical questions (or, y'know, you will eventually) and I, Frankenstein, MD co-host Iggy DeLacey, have delivered! Check out the first installment of "Ask Iggy" for your recommended dose of weird science facts!

Tweet me your questions at @IggyDeLacey and use the hashtag #AskIggy

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Hey there, Internet. It is Iggy DeLacey, co-star of the popular science series "Frankenstein and DeLacey, M.D.'s". The title is sometimes crudely shortened to "Frankenstein, M.D.," but two can play at that game. Welcome to "Ask Iggy and not Victoria", or "Ask Iggy" for short.  

So I'm looking for burning science and medical questions but since no one has really asked any questions at all yet, I'm going to read some that I think you should ask.

Our first made up science question comes from, oh look it's me, Iggy DeLacey. 

"Dear Dr. DeLacey,"

Well I'm not technically an M.D. yet, but thank you, me, for the respectful tone.

"I recently read about a researcher at the University of Wisconsin who has created a flu virus that can completely bypass the human immune system. What's up with that?"

That's an excellent question, me.

So, University of Wisconsin Madison professor, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, has genetically manipulated a strain of the H1N1 flu virus. Now this allows it to escape neutralizing antibodies and thus potentially wiping out all of humanity. 

Dr. Kawaoka says he did it to observe so called "escape viruses", making them easier to identify and fight in the future. But all super villains have a good cover story prepped for the press. Think of what could happen if this bug got loose in the world.

Kawaoka's lab only has a level two biosafety rating, which is crazy low. Now that's where you store like cooties and World Cup fever, not humanity-wiping-out kinds of diseases.  

Anyway the point is we're probably all gonna die and it will probably all be Wisconsin's fault. Just like everyone always suspected.

Thanks for your question.

Our next question comes from, oh, me again, this should be good.

"Dear Iggy, You know that birthmark we have, the one that looks like the Rock of Gibraltar, it's growing and I'm worried that..."

Alright well, that's enough questions for now.

Have a pressing medical concern but too shy to tell your doctor? Wanna make your own backyard insulin? Love Watson but hate Crick? Hit up my inbox and I'll talk at you. 

On the next "Ask Iggy"

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