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Hank: You're just watching me take my clothes off?  What the heck, Tim? Come on.  Give me--give a guy a little bit of privacy.

Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm the Hank and the game today is gonna be Power Drive 2000.  Power Drive 2000 is a game that is a racing game and it's currently having a Kickstarter.  It maybe will be done by the time this video gets uploaded, though, because there's not very long to go in the Kickstarter, but I have not played it, and so I wanted to check it out, check out the demo before I checked out the Kickstarter.

This is a demo of Power Drive 2000 and is not ready for public release.  There are lots of bugs and glitches, I thought it said 'blitches', and the controls need fixing.  This demo is meant  to give you a feel for what the game potentially could be like and for players to provide feedback to the developer, Megacom Games.  If you are prone to seizures and you play this game, you might be in for a gnarly ride.  Alright, that's one way of saying that.

There it is.  Megacom, that's a nice--I like it, it's retro.  Into it.  It's got little hairs on the screen.  What--there was a game that was very similar to this that had a Kickstarter recently.  I'm not sure what the controls are.  Oh, hello, skinny lady.  Alright.  Yeah, there was a--I feel like there was a game that was fairly similar to this that had a Kickstarter maybe six months ago?  In aesthetic, anyway, it was aesthetically similar. 

Gas and brake is up and down, steer is left and right.  Drift is tap spacebar and left and right.  Boost is b, okay.  Okay, boost is b, okay.  Got it.  Time trial.  Ooh, it's so pretty.  Oh, that is nice lookin', oh yeah, I like it.  Ooh yeah.  Ooooh.  I like the controls.  It's pleasant.  This is pleasa--I like it, this is a pleasant game.  Ohhh, over-corrected there, lost a lot of speed.  Oh, check it out, oh, take me to the tunnel.  The tunnel of dancing and lights and dancing and lights!  Whooo!  Alright, time trial.  Oh man. 

Whoo, whoo!  Ba boo ba boo ba boo ba boo, boo bap bap ba boo ba boo ba boo ba boo, whoa, chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka alright.  You lose some speed on the drifts.  I'm going 100 and...200 miles an hour, though, so that's not so bad.  Okay, that was good, I feel good about my--I feel good about my time, you guys for a first go. 

Pretty game.  That would be super fun on the Oculus, by the way.  Uh, no?  What happens if I say no?  Is there another game mode or did I do the only one?  I probably did the only one, so.  Power Drive 2000! 

I want to do--I'm gonna do it again.  I'm gonna do it again.  You don't have to watch.  This is for me.  Oh, there's a boost, I forgot about the boost, so now I get to use the boost.  I'm also going to try and use the drift less.  Ooh, well, now I've crashed, so I know what that is. Oh, that's an interesting boost mechanic.  Cannot beliee----ah la la la la la la la laa.  Ooh, ooh, I went through a bunch of trees.  They were like, "Oh, he's having a hard time, let's just let him have it."  There's an eject button down there on the bottom and a radar button, which I like.  I really like the logo of this car company, it's very sinister looking.  Do I have a limited number of boosts I can use?  I'm going 270 miles an hour.  Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho.  Oooh, wasn't really paying attention, I was boosting too much.  Yeah, so fast!  Yes, I can see why you wouldn't want to play this game if you get seizures.

Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank.  I'm Hank, this is games with me, DFTBA.