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Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, and what could it be but games with me?  Cities Skylines is an absolutely gorgeous and amazing city simulator that I'm enjoying very much.  The problem is that I cannot sit down and play for less than an hour at a time, so you're not catching all of me playing Cities Skylines, you're just catching the bits where I'm recording.  I'm going to try and add some mods here, which I'm not really hard mode, unlimited money, unlock all, first person camera, enhanced zoom, I'm going to turn on enhanced zoom.  I understand.  Okay.  And then, uh, assets, got a bunch of new skyscrapers here in my assets.  I do not know if I have added these--if this is like, automati--it's on.  They're all on, okay, so they're on, and we're gonna--oh, that's not what I meant to do.  Shoot.

I do know that when we started this game last time, we were in a bit of a bind with regard to traffic, as we will be and have been, and as far as I can tell with Cities Skylines, you always, always, are, so I need to upgrade some of these roads absolutely, first things first.  Um, so let's do that, let's upgrade all of these.  You're gonna be six lanes, you need to be six lanes, you need to be six lanes, you need to--I can't upgrade you.  Everybody needs to be six lanes up in here, okay?  So let's do that first things first.  You probably don't really need to be a six lane, but we're gonna do it anyway!  And you also need to be six lanes, you already are.  Now, the biggest problem here that I've noticed is that this roundabout is not functioning like a roundabout.  People are stopping at the light, like, a light on the road, which is really annoying and so what I think I can do is actually change this to a highway, which will make there not be lights.  Now, it also might mean that we can't have any buildings on this road, which is gonna be a bummer, because I like these buildings, but this is a huge traffic problem and I need to fix it, so let's see if this helps.

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Uh, let's go to fast motion here, and see if this worked.  'Cause if it didn't work, I'm gonna be bummed. didn't really s--I mean, this is better, it's definitely better.  This one--this one bit here is a normal road, so it got to keep its buildings.  Uh, yeah, yeah, that's better.  I don't know why you guys are still having to stop here.  You should be able to keep going at all times, it's a roundabout, keep going.  Stop stopping here.  Yield, you--yield, yield, always yield!  Stop not yielding!  I'm kinda bummed that I lost my sort of central awesomeness here.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that.  I feel like I should do something about it eventually, but I don't--at the moment, this is just what I'm letting this happen.  There's a new piece of land available for purchase.  I'm aware.  You can go away now.  Come on, take me there, take me!  (?-3:14), where is it, come on, 30 more!  We lost some.  30 more!  2--nah--4 more people, alright!  A small city, we're a small city now, we can get a hydroplant, we can get a cargo train, we can get a train station, and can we--could I already build an incinerator?  Was I r--was I wrong about this?  Was I wrong?  Oh, I could have already built an incinerator, you're frickin' kidding me.  Come on!  Alright, let's build an incinerator, you guys.  Why can't I--out of city limits?  Oh, I didn't realize I hadn't bought that.  I'm just gonna buy that then.  Let's buy that land.  You, you're mine.  Purchased.  Alright.  Yeah, I know my line is not finished, yeah, okay, go back down and--yes, thank you. 

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Now we build that incinerator, excellent.  I'm gonna build two, actually.  You know, and we're gonna start emptying these--these dumps, because they are an eyesore and I hate them and I clicked on the wrong thing.  Empty it.  Empty it.  Okay.  Alright.  I'm feeling good.  Look at how good my traffic is, it looks great!  I mean, it still looks awful--what am I--who am I kidding?  So the main traffic problem is coming into the city and it seems like, eh, it's probably coming from both directions, so let's have another way to get into the city.  Let's give ourselves a pause.  We're gonna destroy a bunch of stuff right now.  We're just gonna say all you stuff, just all you, I'm sorry this neighborhood never pleased me anyway, and you're just not going to exist.  Wait.  I was able to delete that, which I'm surprised by, because those cemeteries are right there.  But whatever.  And let's start building a pretty road here to have as a secondary loop.  Nope, that's not what I meant, that's not what I meant.  You can get a partial refund, but not a complete refund, I don't think, when you make a mistake like that.  So one, two, three--one, two, three, four units, and then one--uh, I can't--I couldn't do four units, okay.  One, two, three units?  One, two, three, I mean, that's pretty cool.  I don't know if this is going to be good for--for business or anything, and then one, two, three, and then one, two, and then just close it up.  I mean, that's nice.  I can't do it on the other side, though, clearly, because I like all of my homes that I've built here.  Maybe I can try.  Yeah, no, I'm not gonna do that. 

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And then, the question is, do I keep this big old--well, I probably should have done this as a sixer.  Probably should have done that as a sixer.  And should I do it one way?  No, I shouldn't do it one way, because it's only going to be one sided, so it's gonna have to be two-way, and I definitely want it to be a sixer, so let's just fix that right now.  I have wasted a bunch of money just now.  I mean, not a lot, let's be honest, it certainly does--it is nice that you can fix things so easily in Cities Skylines that would be impossible to fix in a real world situation, and I feel like maybe I should delete this and have you coming in off of this road here.  I gotta use this like this, like that?  That feels good, that feels right.  And then you as well?  Ooh.  Well, that's--those intersections are really close together.  I would rather not have that be the case, so deleted.  Alright, let's build that better this time.  Not a highway.  So here, I guess?  That's the way I'm going to have them be farthest away from each other, unless I delete this road completely, which is, you know, not an awful idea, 'cause it's not like this whole situation is nice.  Let's just do that.  Let's just delete this completely, and then--but I can't move this cemetery, you guys. 

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Can't move the--I can't move the cemetery.  What is this?  Open the budget panel.  I can't move it, 'cause it's got--it's got dead people in it.  You can't move dead people, so Ctrl-Z.  Undo all the stuff I just did, and that's gonna be right there.  Okay, well.  Worse--worse things have happened before.  Now, the other thing I'm gonna do is have the highway come and join my spur here, I think, or here?  I don't know what I'm gonna do, I don't know what I'm gonna do, what should I do?  Um, does this make this look less--oh, this is--this is an awful intersection right here.  These are that close together, that's just--that's just askin' for trouble.  Grrrr, it's askin' for trouble, though, aw, man!  I can put it here.  Or I could have it try and meet it...let's have it, I don't know if this will work.  It will!  Boom.  Excellent, okay, so that doesn't create a new intersection, it just creates a five way intersection, which will be a problem, but it will--there have been worse problems.  Uh, okay.  So, now we're gonna try and make this highway meet with this road.  So this--which way is traffic going?  We have to--so, let's see how this is working, first of all.  First step, and yes, this traffic is a bit of a problem, but it's so far not a huge problem, which is nice.  Looks like people are happy about this road at the moment, and I don't--oh, should I--should I do this?  I should probably do this.  Boom.  I don't know.  Will you like that?

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That makes those intersections really close together, so probably I should do--did I just destroy a firehouse?  Probably.  I should do this.  I just turned off power to my entire city.  That's not good, that's not good, that's not good.  People aren't gonna like that, Hank, they aren't gonna like that at all.  Okay.  Things are better now.

Maybe I should have this be a little secondary roundabout.  Let's try that.  We've got plenty of space and roundabouts are fun.  I don't know how small you can make a roundabout.  Uhh, but we're gonna find out.  Gonna make sure I'm on the curvy.  Apparently, that's not a problem.  What do you mean, distance too short?  What do you mean, distance--oh, I can do this, this will--this should work.  No!  What, no.  Well, you guys don't need power right now, I'm fine with that.  Okay.  Okay.  Excellent.  And then, and then the (?-11:35) the highway can come down into this, I don't know, that's awfully close.  Let's speed this up and see what happens.  I mean, this is a problem.  Also, it's a--is it a--did I make a two-way roundabout?  I did make a two-way roundabout.  That is not what I want.  I want a one-way roundabout, because that's how roundabouts work! 

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Yes.  Excellent.  I mean, it's still--you're still stopping at the light, which is ludicrous and makes no sense.  I don't know what I'm doing.  Who ever does though, to be honest?  I should--I feel like I should definitely have another way to get into the city, because this is not working, so where else can I have the highway join up with me?  Nobody's using it 'cause it's not connected, is that why?  It's--it's a great way to get out of town.  Apparently nobody wants to get out of town, though.  People only want to get into town, or they have an easy time getting out and a hard time getting in.  Well, it looks like nobody uses this at all, so I've built this roundabout which I don't--well, maybe if I--okay, let's pause, and we're gonna try to build a second way to get into my city, you guys, so let's go to the highways and build a highway, so this is going this way (?-13:09) this way, so I need to make some kind of--what do you mean, space already occupied?  Is this good?  I don't know what I'm doing.  Did my card run out of space?  It did, my card ran out of space, so you're not going to catch any more of me, because I do not have another card right now.  Facecam off. 

You know what else I can do, and I probably should have just done this, is done this, page up. 

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Nope.  None of these things are working the way I would like them to.  There's that.  I mean, that could have been prettier, but I dunno, is it gonna do--are people gonna do that?  Yeah, they are.  At least that one guy did.  I don't know, is that good?  I know it's ugly, so it's got that going for it.  It looks like no one's going to use that.  It also looks like I have totally fixed the city. 

Look at--look at all the--look at all these cars flowing so amazingly beautifully around my city.  I'm so proud of myself.  Yeah, let's--let's work on my public transport loop.  Uhh, we go to bus and then we go to this thing, and I have to--I have to make it a loop.  I feel like I wanna destroy it completely, because I've done an awful, awful job, but I don't think that's an option, and then I come up here.  Probably should have stopped at more places.  And then I close it up.  And now I've got a public transport loop that is weird and has some serious problems.  Oh my goodness, look at all those people, are they waiting for the bus?  That's a weird place to wait for the bus.

Okay, that's gonna be an inefficient bus route.  Oh goodness gracious, what did I do?  Uh, who knows?  Who knows.  Alright, let's add another one.  It's gonna be more of an internal one.  I don't know what I'm doing at all.  But I'm making my citizens happy, which is what is important.  Okay.  Added another bus line.  Do I know what I'm doing?  Heck no.  You know what I should build right now is office buildings, because clearly that is necessary and in demand, so let's build a bunch of those over here.  In fact, let's just click and drag, buddy.  Click and drag.  And you all as well, and also you, everything's gonna be office buildings. 

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I'm gonna--huge office building park right now, and I'm gonna get rid of all this residential, 'cause they hate it there anyway.  Good.  Oh yeah, no power.  Why no power?  Why not?  Well, work on it.  You know?  Get closer to stuff.  You--you're--wait a second.  Pause.  Pause!  Nobody has power.  Where's all the power?  What--oh, I deleted those things!  Ahhh, ahh, ahh.  This game.  Everybody's fine.  Everybody's fine.  I lost a--I'm now going do--wow, why am I negative 3,000, is that just because of the power situation?  Yeah, it was.  Turns out people don't like it when you don't have power in your town.  Look at these little rooftop deck.  That's awesome!  Man, you guys move fast.  Everybody's in such a hurry in this town.  Hey, how's it going?  Wow, I have a lot--it's just a very busy city.  For having as many people, 12,000 people is a tiny city, and it has a lot of very big buildings.  I don't understand how it's only 12,000 people in this place.  What I also don't understand is why nobody's using this access road at all, when clearly, there's tons of traffic in the inner circle, you do not have to use it.  Use it, chumps!  Um, let's see what we got as far--nope, that's not what I wanted.

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There's this thing, which is like city planning, high tech housing, turns homes into much cooler smart homes, upkeep, 4 cents.  Well, according to my ears, I have achieved a good thing.  People are happy, and what is my city doing right now?  I clicked one button!  Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the heck's going on?!  Oh my God!  It just--everything just got way nicer up in here!  Are these houses changing?  Oh man, that was nuts!  Whoa-kay.  I c--it's still--I can still hear things happening.  Industrial space planning, big business benefactor, perks for large business, high-density commercial, okay, yeah, do that, too.  Man.  Tell you what, city planning right there.  Small business--perks for small businesses.  Eh, who cares.  Taxation.  Tax raise for low-density, tax-relief, tax-relief for high density, tax relief for...I need some tax-relief for offices, because I haven't--I don't feel like I have great office thing happening yet.  Yeah, check out my city's skyline, as they say in the business.  Well now my--I've got all these much bigger buildings, and they are requiring more frickin' cars to go to them and my traffic's in trouble again.  Look at this frickin' backup I got right here!  Oh, we just won the most attractive city award.  Look at us, we're awesome. 

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Can I build any cool, unique buildings right now, 'cause that's kinda how I want to end this one.  I don't feel like we're gonna hit another milestone, I don't know when--when you do hit milestones.  What's the next milestone we're gonna hit?  This is my unique buildings panel.  What's this?  It's the AAX center.  I can build the statue of wealth!  'Cause I've made enough money to have the personification of cities--requirement for building a space elevator, well I'm definitely gonna build that.  Right in the middle here.  Yeah.  I wish you guys would treat this roundabout like a roundabout.  Oh, whoa, what's this?  The space needle!  Hancock Tower.  The Mall of Moderation, that's--doesn't seem right.  Fountain of Life and Death, that sounds like something I should have as well.  Let's build ourselves a Fountain of Life and Death.  Gonna go right here.  Make some people happy in my low-density area.  What's this?  Transport Tower.  The Transport Tower is a large office building especially meant for public transportation companies, but we don't have very much public transportation, so probably not.  What's this?  Whoa, wow, wow, wowee bowee zowee.  That's a big building. That's a big--what is it?  The Bank of China.  I don't need that right now, thanks, that's gonna look a little out of place I think, in this current city.  I--and I thought I had big buildings, you guys.  Oh man, all the terrible traffic is messing with my garbage collection.  Well, maybe it's because all of these garbage trucks are all in the circle at the same time.  You guys.  My garbage trucks in particular need another system for getting where they need to be.   I have a lot of garbage trucks.

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I have identified a problem which I do not know how to fix, and so instead of fixing it today, I'm going to end this construction of my statue to wealth, which is here down in the city center because everyone knows that's how I feel about men with no pants on, kind of squat legs, with a big coin behind them, yes, that looks--appears to be a giant quarter, and I need to build more industrial zone.  So thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I'm Hank, the game has been Cities Skylines, I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed playing.  It's always a pleasure to be with you here on Games with Hank, and if you want to chill with me more and enjoy games, you can do that at, thanks for watching and DFTBA.