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Just a bit of an addition to my Vlogbrothers video today...
This is just for hankschannel.  I'm still going through this assignment and loving it.  Here are some pictures on the back.  There's good old John Green there.  It says, "John Green, my big brother, age 14, loves football and beating up little kids" is what it says, and it says, "Hank Green, me, age 11, loves biking, football, and eating," so nothing's changed, and it says, "Mike Green, dad, the breadwinner, nice guy, always there when you need him, age ?" and "Mom", I didn't even put age, oh, no, I did.  It does.  It does say age.  Age 39.  Loving, caring, and helping.  I'm not good with spelling, I can tell you that.  

But anyway, what I wanted to do was read you do this.  It was an optional assignment about a Christmas present that I got.  I'm gonna read you this 'cause it's wild.  "This Christmas, my grandfather sent me a copy of my great-grandfather's autobiography."  I'm not making this up, this is all true.  My great-grandfather was a doctor and he wrote an autobiography and it is very cool, so I just, yeah.

So.  "It's told how there was once a tornado."  I love that.  It's told.  This autobiography.  "It told how there was once a tornado that destroyed a lot of property.  Anyway, during the tornado, there was a couple who was in their house hugging because they were frightened.  A board came down on their heads and split both their heads down to their ears, but he fixed them up.  Six weeks later, she had a baby boy.  Another thing I liked was how he said he spent long cold nights on his horse and sometimes, he stayed on so long his wife would have to pry his shoes off the stirrups when it snowed."

That's not funny.  I just love it.  I just love it, and I remember, I viscerally remember that, like, their heads were split down to their ears, which I'm sure their heads weren't actually split down to their ears, you know, he's just editorializing as my family is want to do, 'cause you know, if they had been, then they would be quite but dead, but I'm sure that he did help people during a tornado and that it was wild.

So anyway, that's that piece of paper and I might do one more hankschannel video with this stuff, just because it's so lovely and I like it so much but that will be for later.