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In which Hank films and edits John's vlog because John is driving to St. Louis Missouri. w00t!


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John: And so it begins! The Great American Tour de Nerdfighting 2008, featuring Hank, John, The Katherine, AND A MINIVAN!


Good morning Hank, it's Monday, and I am driving a minivan through the great state of Missouri. I am in fact driving the exact same minivan that Q's mom owns in Paper Towns, which is one of the reasons that we picked it for The Great American Tour de Nerdfighting 2008.

By the way when I say "good morning Hank" I mean it, good morning Hank.

Hank: Good morning John!

John: Thanks for filming my vlog for me today.

Hank: I'm going to edit it too so you sound like an idiot.

John: Hahaha. Aha-ahaha-aha-aha-aha-a-a-a-a. HAH HAH HAH.

We are driving right now on our way to a nerdfighter gathering in Saint Louis. Yesterday we were in both Plano, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Both those gatherings were awesome and we announced the release of Hank's first studio album "SO JOKES".


[Musical interlude]: It's too hot, it's too hot in here. I need Harry Potter, like a Grindylow needs water. I WANT A BOOK EIGHT. Oh Helen Hunt, Helen Hunt, you make my heart do acrobatic stunts.

>John: We listed to the whole thing yesterday. It's just amazing. It's only for sale on the Tour de Nerdfighting; sorry if you're not coming to a nerdfighter gathering, but if you are you've got to pick up a CD. They costs fifteen dollars, and no we cannot take credit cards.

Also in Plano, Texas we met Shawn Akhmed, the guy from Bangladesh who has been working with Save The Children to make the world suck less through our money. And we'll be collecting money for Save The Children Bangladesh throughout the entire tour.

You want to hear something crazy? So a guy comes up to me at the nerdfighter gathering in Oklahoma City, and he says "I have a copy of Looking For Alaska that is unlike any other copy of Looking For Alaska in the world," and I was like "oh yeah sure whatever". He held it out, it was half-eaten. And he said "this copy of Looking For Alaska was half-eaten by a Hawaiian mongoose." And I was like "Okay, full points". I totally believed him, because he looked like the kind of guy who did professionally wrestle Hawaiian mongooses.

It's been a lot of sitting in the car with Katherine and Hank, although that's been a lot of fun. Katherine and Hank are excellent company in a minivan. We miss The Yeti, but we do keep her right here.

Hello Yeti. We're coming home to you tomorrow for the Election Spectacular in Greenwood, Indiana. After that we will be in Louisville, Kentucky then we'll be in Knoxville, Tennessee and then we'll be in Gaston, Alabama!

The spiraling shape will make you go insane. That's the best part of being on a road trip with me...

Hank: John gets to sing, then he drives over the rumble strips.

John: Rumble strips, rumble strips, rumble strips are my favorite part of driving. I love the sound of a rumble strip.

Katherine: It makes my butt vibrate.

John: I know, that's good, you gotta get the deep vein thrombosis out. I love you Missouri!

Katherine: Cows.

John: Dang it! Katherine and I this friendly competition about who is going to spot cows first and she's up like 888 million to one. I think we should quit writing and EcoGeek and do this full-time. Buy a mini-van, travel around the country, meet nerdfighters, spew carbon.

Dang it! Where? Ohh cows!

Katherine: (Laughing) In the distance.

John: They're like three miles away. Nerdfighters make me believe in America again. Why don't you close out the vlog Hank?

Hank: Hank, I'll see you tomorrow.

P.S. There's a Tour de Nerdfighting Twitter stream which we will be constantly be broadcasting updates from the road. I have this extraordinarily exciting device here which allows me to be on the internet, even when I am in a mini-van.

John: Dammit cows! I am so bad at cows!

Hank: John and I will be broadcasting all the nerdfighter gathering on Blog TV. There's a link in the side bar for both the Twitter and the Blog TV.

John: Oh's not cows. I thought I had it but it was horses.