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While we're getting ready to for a longer episode about my trip to the dungeon, here's ten sex things about poop for you!

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Dr. Lindsey Doe: I'm Dr. Lindsey Doe, this is Sexplanations, the show where sexuality meets curiosity, and today's topic is "Sex and Poop!"

-- Intro Cut Scene --

Number 10 on the Sex and Poop Fun Fact List: It is possible to orgasm from pooping. 

Clinically they're referred to as "defecation-induced orgasms," more playfully "poo-phoria." The pelvic splanchnic nerves that carry sensations to and from the genitals are also connected to the bladder and rectum - meaning the same nerves that influence your penile erections and cervical contractions orchestrate your poops.  So, maybe there's cross-fire. Also, feces moving out of the body, strokes erogenous tissues, like the prostate and vaginal wall.

Number 9: Receiving oral sex while pooping is a "blumpkin." Masturbating while pooping is "Shasturbation."

Number 8: Dr. Sigmund Freud proposed that we develop through five psycho-sexual stages. The first stage, as infants, is oral - where all of our pleasure is derived from putting things in our mouths. Nipples, fingers, our own feet, toys, dog food and sand - into our mouths.

The second stage is anal, and likewise, pleasure has a central location - this time the anus. According to Freud, if our psycho-sexual development is poopy diapers for long durations, we end up "anal-expulsive" (getting pleasure from messes) and if our potty training is too orderly, we end up "anal-retentive" (getting pleasure from tidiness.)

Number 7: Paraphilias are a type of attraction that are beyond (para) traditional forms of love or attraction (philia). There are many different kinds of paraphilias and, as you probably guessed, there's one for sexual arousal by a poop. "Coprophilia" from the Greek "kópros" meaning excrement, and "philía" meaning the liking and fondness toward it. Pooping on and being pooped on for sexual gratification. That's your "Hot Karls" and your "Cleaveland Steamers." (sic)

Number 6: Last year I was offered a few thousand dollars for my "Scat Caviar." The request was a five-paragraph proposal that explained I'd use the toilet to quote "pee and poo" and then exit the bathroom without flushing so the buyer could enter and taste my "bodily delights."

I responded "your request is very thoughtful and well-written. This is not a service I provide. I would suggest reaching out to FetLife members for ideas about how to proceed. They might have additional resources. Respectfully, Lindsey."

Number 5: The perineum on a bio-sex female body is similar in length to the space between your knuckles - short. Meaning, reproduction and recreation are only an inch or two away from a literal shit-hole. Because these two areas are in such close proximity, E. Coli - a bacteria found in the digestive system often makes its way via sex into the urethra and the vulva, causing very painful and annoying Urinary Tract Infections.

Number 4: Rick Santorum was one of the candidates for the 2015 presidential election. But if you search for him online, the top result is not his campaign, it's "Santorum" - "the discharge during or after anal sex."

Rick believes that same-sex relationships, parenting and marriage should all be illegal. So, sex columnist and educator, Dan Savage, held a contest back in 2003 to give Santorum a new meaning. The winning entry was "the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex" and is the most widely known reference to Santorum on the internet.

Number 3: There are a lot of different causes of pain during intercourse, both physiological and psychological. One of them, is poop. The vagina and the rectum are separated by very thin and sensitive walls. If there's stool in the rectum, and a hard object in the vagina, the compression can be very painful. Similarly, during menstruation, the full walls of the endometrium collide with poop in the rectum and can not only cause discomfort, it can block regular bowel movements from happening - as in you're constipated until the lining sheds.

Number 2: Over 1,000 years before Common Era, ancient Egyptians collected dried crocodile poop and mixed it with fermented dough, or left it as-is, and put it in the human vagina. One theory is that it had to do with their god of miscarriage and abortion, who was associated with the crocodile. The second theory is that the croc dung, like many of the other animal versions they tried, was somewhat sticky, and worked well to block the passage of sperm.

Number 1: This is not sexy by any means, but now you'll know, most vaginal births involve pooping. The muscles used to push during labor push out feces too. So while most of you entered this world through a vagina, most of you did so in tandem with caca.

Stay Curious!

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Dr. Doe: Poops, poops, poops. Poops, poops, poops poops. Poops.

Shashturbation. Shashurbation. Sasturbation. Shaturbation. Sashturbation. Shashturbation. Shaturbation. Shaaashturbation. Shaaaaasturbation.