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In which Hank explains what he wants to do with the final day of VidCon...whatever YOU want to do.


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Good morning John. Today I want to talk a little bit about Vidcon. I apologize to all of the people who cannot be there. The good news is that we will be streaming the event live on the internet. (Sings) "I can't get enough of it". So you will be able to be there virtually if you're not able to be there in person.

So a lot of people have been saying to me "Hank what the frick? It says July 9th to 11th but you only have a programming schedule for two days." Well we've been a little bit quiet about it 'cause we weren't quite sure how to logistically do this but what we wanted to do with the 11th, with that Sunday, is have it be user generated conference content. We wanted everybody to get to the conference and say "Okay, we've done these first two days, lets figure out what we're going to do with Sunday."

We've got a convention space, we've got audio/visual supplies, we maybe even will have a little bit of a budget for doing cool stuff and most importantly, we've got a huge collection of people who are extremely dedicated to the online video community. What are we gonna do with all of these things? But as the time progressed, we realized that it would probably be better if we gave a little bit of lead time and had a little bit of prep for these things and didn't just decide right there on the spot what we were gonna do.

So that is what I am doing today. I am asking you. What do you want to do? It can be a Vidcon-slash-YouTube open mic session, a poetry slam -- do they do poetry slams anymore? Is that lame? My good friend any YouTube songwriter Molly Lewis said "Hank, we need to set up a room just for CalvinBall." CalvinBall, of course, being been born of the mind of "Calvin" of Calvin and Hobbes, is a game that involves balls that has no rules. Which to me sounds like a pretty freaking good time. Anybody for flash mobs? Or maybe the world's largest circle of people videotaping each other -- everyone with cameras? Maybe one of those? What do you want to do with that time because we have got that hotel. We've got it all rented up and paid for. Now what do you want to do with it?

Because this is a YouTube thing after all, please go to this version of this video that's at and leave your ideas as a response to that video. If you leave your response on this video, at the Vlogbrothers channel, it won't get entered so use the VidCon version of this video and ask people to like the video if they like the idea. And the ideas that get the most likes will be the most likely to be implemented.

I say the most likely to be implemented because some of the videos might have impractical ideas like 45 minutes of Shane Dawson stroking, just stroke, just touching his hair. Shane's hair! Ahhh. Shane Dawson stroking probably not gonna make the cut but innovative ideas of what to do with the people and the space that we have, will certainly be accepted. I'm very excited to see what the community has to say about this.

The second question is will VidCon be providing food for folks? The answer to that is no, we will not be providing food. There will be food for sale inexpensively around, sandwiches and there is a Starbucks in the lobby, that kinda stuff. But unfortunately full economic disclosure here, having a conference at a hotel means that the hotel is serving the food. The prices are outrageous so that was never even an option for us, unless we were going to charge people like $400 to be at VidCon -- which seemed like an awfully bad idea.

And the last question is, "Is it really $35 to park at VidCon?" and the answer to that is also no. We have negotiated with the hotel. VidCon attendees get parking for $12 a day, instead of $35 a day, which is still, it seems ridiculously expensive to me but I guess it's better than $35.

Hopefully I have answered all your questions. I can't wait to see people's ideas for what to do with Sunday, July the 11th. Thank you all, this is Hank Green. I hope that I will see you at VidCon.