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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Project for Awesome last weekend. This wasn't even all of the memes! There were tons of great ones I couldn't fit in!

It was a really amazing time that inspired a lot of....creativity. And here that creativity is featured in my first ever meme review! (And yes, I did get a dispensation from the four minute rule for this video!!)

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Good morning John! It's been a time! It's been a week - it's been a month - it's been a year! The Perseverance Rover is on the surface of Mars, the Project for Awesome was amazing, and John, it is time for me to do my first ever, inaugural Meme Review! And I have asked Nerdfishteria if it's ok for this video to be long, and they said yes - because it has to be! We must do the memes justice. Now, most of you are thinking right now, oh that's nice, Hank has got a picture of the Perseverance Rover's first image of Mars behind him. Close! The beans didn't stop coming! That's right Beanie Sandfurbs, your famous. They love you, everybody loves you! [Hushed] I'm aware that not everyone loves Beanie Sandfurbs but we don't have to let him know that though.

I have to apologize for one thing, which is that I downloaded all these throughout the Project For Awesome and so I didn't maintain any contact - I have no idea who made any of these things. So upfront, let me say thank you to everyone who made these. Like, these aren't things that just appeared out of the ether. People worked hard to make this stuff! Sometimes more hard than other times [laugh]. Some people worked hours on things. Some... less than that. 

John, on my desktop I've got a folder called Bean Memes, and it contains four other folders: Bean Memes, Just Beans, Normal Memes, and Art. So we're going to go through a selection of each one of those. Let's start with just normal memes.

This was the one that started out the Project for Awesome for me. It's Sue from Glee, and the thing that I like about this so much is that it could have been, "I am going to donate to a project that is so awesome." That's the choice I would make but this choice is so much better.

It's me! I am once again asking for your financial support. We're starting with Project for Awesome specific memes here, there shouldn't be too many beans here.

Uh, well, here's one. Dang it, that didn't take long! Look, I was having a hard time saying Beanie Sandfurbs for a long time, so I've ended up with a lot of cards. 

This is a good one! Project for Awesome perks, they take time to make and I want to be careful [laugh], which I have not been in the past, that I do not end up in a situation where I'm over promising on my ability. So this pink blob is just all the other stuff that I have to do [chuckle]. I love - that's what I look like - that is an accurate picture of my face there.

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a spray painted Angler fish is something that can actually be so personal
my strange addiction, I'm constantly donating!
yeah! Good kitties
I love the memes that are encouraging donations and there are plenty of them. 

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