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Zapper the Alexandrian Parakeet explores the forest and trees outside. Zapper was a previous pet that now lives at Animal Wonders

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Hi, guys welcome back to Animal Wonders. This is Zapper the Alexandrian parakeet and today is another beautiful day We're just going to hang out with him a bit.

Birds like Zapper would spend a lot of time in the sunlight in their natural habitat. So it's great getting them out here enjoying the sunlight and everything else that he can see and hear. Just being out here for a couple minutes we've already seen some song birds swoop by there's a.

Chipmunk hanging out in the tree up there and Zapper was spooked by a hawk that flew over. I like to see if Zapper wants to go explore a tree, but the trees out here. They don't have very good branches to perch on so let's go check out an aspen tree.

Alright, this is perfect This is an aspen tree, and I like to use aspen because its non-toxic and I can set him right up on it. And I don't have to worry about him chewing on the branches or leaves or getting any toxic substance on it. This is a lot of fun.

But I want to see if I can make it even more fun and hide some treats around here for him. But he has to go and forage like he would in the wild. Oh no (quietly) go Zapper go.

Oh, it did drop. Here I'll give it to you Good job buddy. That's a hard one isn't it?

This is an almond and Yeah, it's an almond. You can see he's already gotten some pieces off of it and in the wild this would happen a lot He would be trying to eat. And he would drop stuff and actually that's how he's going to plant seeds on from tree to tree.

But we would not be able to crack this open like if we put in our mouth we could not crack that open so we have to use a tool, a nutcracker to get it, get that shell off but. There's a built-in nutcracker right on the face. Zapper is a little too used to having his food handed to him I don't think he really wants to work for it.

All right. I'll move you closer We're going to move you to this big perch right here. You grab onto it.

There you go Can you reach those grapes up there? What do you think I know yeah? You say you can and I know you can.

Look behind you. You see 'em? Oh, they're right behind ya, here Did you see it?

Do you just not want them? Look I think he's scared of the grapes. Come here, look, get it It's just a grape, here.

Yeah, are you happy with that grape? Get it. If you notice that Zapper is always using his left foot He's left footed just like we're right or left-handed.

Parrot's are right or left footed and a lot of them are left footed and so he's, he's pretty normal. Can you see how well he blends in? I mean this is a tiny little tree And it has brown and gray and black and it looks like he wouldn't blend in because his beak is bright.

And he has pink and black on him, but seriously that's that's good. If I was walking by and he wasn't making all of his noise. I probably wouldn't know he was there.

Taking your bird outside can be dangerous because They can get spooked by something and fly away. And if they're not native to your area it could get too cold or too hot and they wouldn't know how to survive. With predators the reason I'm not worried about Zapper flying away is because he's really not a strong flier.

He prefers to stay perched really close to me. He's very closely bonded to me Yeah, you are good job buddy, and also if he were to be spooked and he tried to fly away. I have trimmed some of his flight feathers, so he won't be able to fly a long distance.

He'll get a little way, but not very far, all right the tree has been a lot of fun. But let's go and hang out on the ground and see if he wants to, here you go buddy. Come here bud and see if he wants to.

Explore some of the things that we have on the ground all right. This is a good spot Yeah, what do you think? do you want to go on down? What's that?

Zapper is definitely a shredder and. Destroyer of things so all the toys that we get him are they're usually made of wood or paper so that he can. Bite and rip and just just just tear them apart.

And so he has a lot of fun doing that here. He might like a pine cone It's pretty good too. tear it apart, let me get a pine cone buddy. Come on Do you think about this?

Mmm. That's a good stuff right there good job. Guys can we get any better than this hanging out outside on a beautiful day with an Animal that's just having fun?

This is great. All right guys We're going to wrap up because my cats have discovered that we are out here hanging out and they want to join in. So I'm going to get Zapper inside someplace safe.

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