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In which Hank thanks administrative professionals, reads some poetry, and then talks about the hug bucket! And then he tells you about w00tstock!


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Good morning John, it is Wednesday, April 28th, two thousand and ten. Welcome to April 28th. What is it? What-what is April 28th, really? I just looked it up. It's Administrative Professionals Day. Administrative professionals out there, you guys thank you so much. I don't have any idea what you do, but you administrate! You are pros at it.

It is also National Poetry Reading Day and I can definitely get on board with that. Here, here's one [shows t-shirt]. "Haiku's are easy / But sometimes they don't make sense / Refrigerator." Here's another one of my favorites. "I will not play tug o' war / I'd rather play hug o' war / Where everyone hugs instead of tugs / Where everyone giggles and rolls on the rug / Where everyone kisses and everyone grins / And everyone cuddles and everyone wins." I like poetry that doesn't confuse me. A lot of poetry, I read it and I'm like uhhhh? I hate when poets assume that I know what they mean even when they don't say. But Shel Silverstein, he says what he means! He just says it in a more clever way! I'm a poet!

So back to hugs and rolling on rugs. A little while ago there was a Nerdfighter in the comments who said something, uh, in the comments... I don't remember who it was and I'm sorry to that person, but... They left a comment saying something about a bucket list of hugs. A bucket list, for those of you who don't know, is a list of things you would like to do before you kick the bucket. And for those of you who don't know what kicking the bucket is, it is a bizarre American euphemism for dying. So of course I immediately shortened this sentiment to "the Hug Bucket." So your Hug Bucket is the bucket that all of your hugs go into and hopefully we have a lot of them. And there are certain people that you want to get inside of your Hug Bucket. Like, for example, for me, we got John and John of They Might Be Giants, Wil Wheaton, David Tennant, Nathan Fillion, Ze Frank, the MythBusters, the founders of Threadless, Felicia Day, Jonathan Coulton, uh, that-that guy who holds up the Free Hugs sign - I really want to hug that guy! Helen Hunt, of course, Kim Stanley Robinson, MC Frontalot, Ursula Le Guin. These people, these people that I love, that I love and I've never met them but I just want to hug them, because I'm so impressed with the stuff that they do. And YouTubers, so many YouTubers that I wanna hug that I haven't hugged yet, which is not to say that my Hug Bucket is not in a good position, like I think my Hug Bucket is a sturdy, well-formed and quite full Hug Bucket. Every day I get to add more hugs from The Katherine and there's no hugs that I would rather have in my Hug Bucket. There are plenty of hugs from John Green, there's hugs from Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell, there's hugs from Shay Carl. All of my awesome friends and family, all of those people in my Hug Bucket. And let's not kid ourselves, VidCon is going to be very good for my Hug Bucket. It's gonna get bigger. But! Additionally, I'm going to add two and a half names from the list that I just mentioned in a couple of weeks, not very long from now, because I am going to be playing w00tstock in Portland and Seattle on the 7th and 8th of May. I'm gonna get to meet and hang out with Adam Savage, MC Frontalot, Wil freaking Wheaton, and a bunch of other like epically awesome nerds, and I am going to without a doubt be playing What Would Captain Picard Do? in front of Wil Wheaton, who in my head is still Wesley Crusher. Now this geek-and-song fest is definitely PG-13, it might even be PG-15 or 16, but tickets are available now and you can go to the links in the doobly-doo if you live in Portland or Seattle and you can see me play a ten minute set among three hours of Festival of Awesome!

But what I want to know now is, who is in your Hug Bucket? And don't just say me, because you know, I know you wanna hug this. Tell me who is in your Hug Bucket. John, I will see you on Friday.

[Singing and playing guitar] You wanna hug this! You wanna hug this now, get me some more of it. You wanna hug this! You wanna hug this yeah, I know you wanna hug it.