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Hank: This song is about my colon, so if you are grossed out easily by talk about butts, then you shouldn't listen to it. Also it has some bad words. So, PG-13.

I have a complicated relationship with the distal portion
Of my large intestine, also known as the colon
I started feeling kinda shitty when I turned 23
And then the pain got worse and worse every day
And the days turned into weeks

I finally went to see the doctor made me poop into a cup
And then a few weeks after that he shoved a camera up my butt
And the camera was in a tube, and the tube it pumped out air
So that my colon could inflate and they could look around in there

And when I woke up the doctor was looking at my chart
I called his attention to me with a fifteen minute fart
He said "Son I hate to tell you cause I know you're not gonna like this
But they got a name for what you have and it's called ulcerative colitis

And in those seven syllables there's a mess of shitty news
It's likely that you've had your last healthy-feeling poos
It's like road rash on your colon, you'll bleed and it'll hurt
And no one knows what causes it and there is no cure

And yeah your chances of cancer have gone up a bit
But colon cancer's curable if you keep your eye on it
See what's really gonna piss you off is how much you're gonna pay
I know you're not insured and you'll probably stay that way

See insurance companies hate to deal with sick folks like you
They don't like taking money from folks they might have to give it back to
And your pills are gonna cost you both your arms and at least one leg
I suggest you go to Canada and get on your knees and beg

Because here the costs are as high as the market can bear
And they can bear a lot compared with soiled underwear"
I sat there on that bed and thought about how I used to like to poo
I thought maybe there was a mistake, how could this be true

I asked the doctor, pleading, begging if he was sure
And if he was how could it be that there really was no cure
"The only cure we have," he said, "is to take the whole thing out
And then to get your movements out we install a little spout"

I told him that I'd rather take a thousand thousand dollar pills
He agreed and sent me home with some similar sounding bills
Now really all I've learned, besides the importance of fiber
Is the health care system's more screwed up than a fifty year old Fred subscriber.
Probably didn't enjoy that as much as I did, but I-I hope you did.
Hi, this is Hank Sock. And I was wondering-um Hank? Hank?
Dude, it ruins the illusion when you do that. Ugh, I'll be down here.
Oh, sorry. I was wondering if you ever get pissed off at John getting to answer questions all the time, and you don't get to answer questions... because you don't have question Tuesdays. Come on, let's look for some questions. Ok, I found some. Not a lot, but some. Are you gonna come out with another album?
Yes, I will be putting out another album. I don't know when it's going to be out, though.

Hank, what's going on with DFTBA Records?

DFTBA Records is doing very well. We've just released Dave Days' first album. You know, Dave Days, he's got like 300,000 subscribers or something ridiculous. So you can go buy his album at right now. Also, the DFTBA Records compilation album is going on pre-order today, and it will be shipped out on June first. It's got Charlieissocoollike, Alex Day, Michael Aranda, Molly Lewis, Julia Nunes, Alan Lastufka, Dave Days, Tom Milsom, and it has Anglerfish on it. It's also being bundled with Chameleon Circuit's first album. Chameleon Circuit being the Time Lord Rock band, with Charlieissocoollike and Nerimon in it. If you're at LeakyCon, you're able to get this there, so don't pre-order if you're going to go to LeakyCon, 'cuz you can get it faster from me. And this happens every Wednesday, the DFTBA Radio Hour will be beginning soon. There's a link in the side bar.

And what about LeakyCon?

I am very excited about LeakyCon. John and I have been working on a speech all week long.

If there are Nerdfighters living around Boston who aren't going to be at LeakyCon, are they gonna be able to hang out with you? At all? Anything? Anything for non Harry Potter Nerdfighters at all?

John unfortunately will be leaving immediately after LeakyCon. But I will be hanging out in Boston just a little extra. And I will be playing songs and gathering with Nerdfighters at the Lily Pad from 4-5:30 PM on Sunday.

So it turns out that I do like answering questions. So, if you would like to leave some in the comments, I would answer them later.

John, DFTBA.