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10 episodes in, we're taking a short breather here on Anatomy & Physiology because even Hank's been struggling with all this vocab.

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And that is where your unsung epithelial- ah, ha ha. 
Nick: Here we go!
Hank: We've started. We've start- okay, missed it the first time. 
Eccrine and apocrine - I don't know how to pronounce any of those things! 
Mingaboo. Mingaboo. Appow. 
There's pretty much only one thing you can do do do...
Each cell- la la la. Loose and flexibl-jalajaja. 
Gahhh. Glahhhghh.
Bing ba kap kap kap 
Pppppppfff. Pfffaahhhflffl. Big ba gop gop gop. Pffffff.
Lining of the -blalalala.....
It uses its excshtra room to make a sturbiingraa..
Genetic.... Prrrrrrfff.
Sometimes I think it's so magical that I just don't die in the middle of the night! Like, every night I go to sleep, and I wake up still alive!
Cells cells cellscellscellscellscell.
The shtudy of the structure of the shtructure of the study...
 The shtruction and function. Structure and function? Functure and structure...
Gaggle of neuroglia or glea-glea-eals... I hate that word. Glial. It is an ugly word! It's like vlog.
 And you're plateless...  I DON'T HAVE ANY PLATES!
 Control, all-- OW!
Your body-I just spat on myself!
So the real result of death is ahh uhh juhh j-j-hum!
The cause of death was ruled to be loss of homeostasis. 
When they sense-krrrrrrrrllhh.
Take a look at this balloon. Was that good or did I laugh too soon?
Nick: You laughed too soon.
Hank: And those fat resor-sblablhahhh.
These are called intercalated disks. Are they? What is it?
Michael: Intercalated.
Hank: Intercalated. Intercalated. Intercalated. Steve Urkelated. Intercalated. Intercalated. Intercalated. Intercalated. Intercalated, intercalated, intercalated.
Butts. Don't put it on the butt. Butt? Why is that butt? There's a butt. You need the bigger butt. 
Nick: You need the bigger butt. We cannot lie.
Michael: We've found his weakness!
Hank: Butt jokes.
 That - I hate that sentence with a fiery passion.
Hyper precise language, to identifee the p- identifee? identifee?
Nick: Through that whole...
Hank:And a ps-pseudo strati- pseudo!
We're gonna be talking about jello today, um, well we'll get that to blablabla.
Purr. [many many burps]
Okay I think we're all good.
In order to get up all- get up all? Get up all, get on uppa!
I've got really springy cheeks.
Nick: Wow, you really do. That's kind of disturbing. 
Michael: Don't do that! 
Nick: Maybe you don't do that ever again.
Hank: I've got a lot.
During fl- fleep flop season. Fleep flop!
Nervous and epithelial ti- epithelial is my least favorite word.
Lining your stomach with the epithial- EPITHELIAL CELLS! Epithelial cells, epitheli- epithelial cells.
And epithial tissue- epithelial! Epithelial tissue. Epithelial!
And at the bottom of the lablablabla-
Juggling knives! 
Nick: Yes.
Hank: Not judging knives! I was like, that's a really, that's a great weird, super weird thing to do with your brain: this knife is better than that knife. But, but probably juggling is better.
No two people are not on fire.
Create, secrete, and circulate cerebrospi- Hmmmm. I'm fine.
Had to take it slow there at the end because I was terrified.