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Jessi gives an update on some of the newest things happening at Animal Wonders, including saying goodbye to a beloved ambassador and saying hello to a new one.

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Jessi: New news!  I'm Jessi, and you're watching Animal Wonders Montana.  We love to give updates, everything's changing every day, sometimes we get new animals each week, sometimes we have to say goodbye to animals, and both those things happened in the same week.

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So to start with the bad news first, we lost one of our animal ambassadors, and um, it's difficult for us to lose a friend that we've known for so long.  We've known him for 7-8 years, and his name was Nemo, and he was a sugar glider.  Nemo left behind his best friend Gizmo and uh, Gizmo's very old, Nemo was even older, 10 years old is quite old for a sugar glider.  When we found that he had passed away, we sent him to our vet so we could get a necropsy down, um, a necropsy is an autopsy but on animals, and we always like to learn from every experience that we go through.  We wanna make sure that we are providing the best possible care for our animals, so the necropsy showed that he had a tumor growing in his liver that had actually grown quite large and wrapped around his small intestine, preventing him from--his organs from functioning properly, so he passed away that way.  The night before, he was actually still very active, running around, jumping, he jumped out of his pouch to go get his favorite treat, which was mealworms, and then he ate all the--the grapes and apples that we gave him as well, so he wasn't in so much pain that we even knew that he was sick.  So it was a pretty quick passing for him, and now, we wanna focus on Gizmo, making sure that he has the best life that we can offer him for the rest of his years, hopefully years, and we also like to remember Nemo in the positive things about his life.  He touched us emotionally, we became friends, but then we were able to share his amazingness with so many people, he was an amazing ambassador, spreading emotional connections and education about sugar gliders to so many people, and that's what we like to focus on whenever we lose one of our ambassadors.

So we don't just have to focus on the sad or the bad, we also have something fun and good and exciting to share.  We were able to rescue a new ambassador.  This is a ball python, we don't have a name for her yet, she's a beautiful lady, and she came from the pet trade, um, we went to our local pet store, picking up pet supplies, and she takes in displaced pets, and tries to rehome them.  And the night--the day before, she said, some guy came in and dropped off 17 ball pythons.  So she took them in and there's nothing really wrong with them, he just got bored of breeding.  Didn't want them anymore.  So she took them in and we had to find homes for them, so we're happy that we could provide a home for one of them.  Lucky gal, lucky us.  

So, nice and even, something sad and something happy.  Updates for you this time.  In other news, spring is coming, you can feel it in the air, and we're very excited to do some spring cleaning and get the animals back outside enjoying the sun and the warmth.  That's all for the new news segment this time!  If you guys would like to go on an adventure with us every week, subscribe to our YouTube channel, Animal Wonders Montana, or you can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, all the links are below.  Thanks, guys.