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Brittany discovers yellow pikmin after a bit of an accident.
Hank: Hello, and welcome to Hank Green plays Pikmin 3!

Here we've got a fruit that I do not know what the heck it is, it's like a pine cone, and the other thing is a lime. And I've got new fruits, Brittony is very excited about - this is a Fire-Breathing Feast. Gonna analyze it. Dragon fruit! That looks like what it is. How much does it make? I think it's gonna make two full jars, at least. And this is gonna fill up all the way, so that's two and a half. How much more? Any more? I love the fire-breathing feast; it's worth all of the death - Zest Bomb? - all of the death that the Pikmin had to incur in order to create all that juice was well worth it. And I'm maybe gonna add - add one and a half out of the zest bomb, you think? Yeah, one and a half. One and a half's not bad. I have - oh, look at how much - how much freaking fruit juice I have! Yeah! We're sharing it, just the two of us. I consumed just as much when it was just one person, but whatever. Yeah, we've got a juice buffer! Little bit of a juice buffer!

Day five. We just increased in Pikmin number today. Oh wow. I've got way more black than red now. (sings) Doom digga doom doom ding doom ding. We recovered the communication device that was inside the armored Mawdad. According to Alf, this device contains parts that may expand the Drake's communication range. I've never seen him more excited. I'm more happy to write today's report with - while I am more than happy - while Alf examines the device. Sometimes he can be so diligent. Oh, maybe we have a little bit of romance going on, a little bit of - mutual admiration. Hmmm. Or maybe it's just mutual admiration. Doesn't have to be romance. Sometimes people can just, you know, work together happily. 

Exploration day six. We've been playing this for six days already? I love Pikmin! I love Pikmin! All right. Where we going? PNF404. Distant tundra? My goodness, that's far away. Brilliant, Alf! You've expanded the Drake's receiver range! That's right! Yeah, well they do now! Definitely! Whee!

All right. We're gonna go to the tundra, you guys. Distant Tundra. Juice left: five. Boss enemies will hurt - they hurt - frikkity frack, I can't read that fast. Well, at least there's fruit in the tundra. I just saw some. Aw, geez! I lost Brittony again! Dang it! Dang it! Oh, my face. *yawns* He's not with you, honey. You're on your own, getting snowed on by the biggest snowflakes of all time. That's what I - that's what I'm telling you. Yeah. There's some crystal that you can't break.

Ohhhhh. What are you guys doing? New Pikmin! New Pikmin! With the ears. And they're electric. (sings) Electric Pikmin. Pluck it. Pluck it. Pluck it. What are you guys doing? Oh, you're connecting the wires together. Wow! You guys are... neat. Oh, we made it bright. The light is so - whoa, man. Oh man, everything's changing now. Yes, it is. Alrighty. What's this one do? Probably gonna tell me all about electric Pikmin. They can conduct electricity. That's all it said, so... fantastic.

Just making more yellow Pikmin. I need twenty, apparently. I don't have twenty. That's too many. Okay. I do, in fact, need twenty - OW! Ow, everybody, don't walk into the electric sparks unless you're a yellow Pikmin. I'm not a yellow Pikmin, I shouldn't - what was I thinking. Hey! Whoa! Yellow Pikmin can be thrown very high up in the air. They have an additional advantage of being able to be thrown very high up in the air., That's pretty high. No. Snow. Whoa! Monkey!

(Katherine laughs.)

Hank: What?

Katherine: That's convenient.

Hank: Yeah, it was. All right. I need more than that. I now have eighteen, and this will get me to twenty. Perfect, the exact number I need. Luckily there's no way for Pikmin to die in this part. All right, everybody come with me. Don't walk into that! Look at 'em go. Yessssss excellent, I got a - I'm escaped. You guys come with me, let's go down the slide. Whee. that was fun. They even did a little slide animation for us. And we're outside in the tundra, just me and my army of tiny yellow men. You weren't there for very long, to be honest. Yeah, I guess.

Hey! There's Alf! And the Drake! Look at it ag - look at it again. Oh, apparently you have to be able to see each other to call. They don't have very advanced technology. Thank goodness you're okay, he says, silently. Where did the sound go? I see you're on the other side of the river. Seriously, where did the sound go? Maybe you can hear it, but I can't. It stopped working. He sees that I'm on the other side of the river. Uh, he also says that our first priority is to reunite so let's work together. (sings) Press the button when you want to hand over control. Okay. Well, the sound is back for me now. I don't know what was up with that. Um. Got it. Are you cold? Yeah, it's the tundra. Nah, we'll be fine. Just keep rubbing your arms. We got a ton of fruit, girl! Don't worry your pretty little head. Aw. Are those a new type of Pikmin? What's that thing? Ohhhh no! Run away! I don't wanna fight with my yellow Pikmin!

Okay, I'm gonna - I'm gonna hand over control to Alf over here. Yeah, guys. You - are you attacking me from a distance? That's terrible. Ahhhhh! That's terrible. Terrible terrible terrible. Oh! Go Pikmin, go! There's a bunch of fire over there, you guys. A bunch of frikkin' fire.

Katherine: That one's gonna be fire.

Hank: Yep. I know. What's that? What? What? Why? Um, it's not - they're not hurting him.

Katherine: Maybe you need electric Pikmin for it.

Both: Oh, his back!

Hank: Excellent. Yeah. 

Katherine: Oh god.

Hank: Oh geez.

Katherine: Okay.

Hank: How do I split them up?

Katherine: Dismiss.

Both: Nope.

Hank: Ooo, strawberry!

Katherine: Strawberry in it.

Hank: What's that?

Katherine: I don't know.

Hank: Got a maybe - oh that's a geyser, with a - oh man, there's just so many things to do. 

Katherine: There's some bridge pieces. Some bridge pieces. Starting the bridge.

Hank: Where is it?

Katherine: It's there.

Hank: Fruit recovered! Get it! I don't know what that thing is. Get the frikkin' thing! Is it in a position where it can't have - there we go. All right. What are these? What does this do? Do they just - oh, it turned it into a red Pikmin! Oh! Fascinating.

Katherine: Strange.

Hank: What does this do, then?

Katherine: I think you need the yellow ones for that.

Hank: Yeah. Maybe it makes them bouncy. Gives them a bounce. All right. Whee. My goodness gracious. Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez, oh geez, oh geez! Stop panicking, no panicking allowed! 

Katherine: Oh god. Ohhhh boy.

Hank: Good job guys. Wow. Intense. Intense. The yellow Pikmin number four - yellow Pikmin are good at digging. Man! They have a lot of abilities! Can I go over this? I can. It's one of those things that I have to get from - toward the butt of. 

Ah! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

(Katherine sighs.)

Hank: Bang bong! Where are we going? I dunno, man, we're just on a quest. Can I get you guys up there, are you too heavy? You're not doing anything at all! There's a shopping bag up there; I expected you to do something with it. Where am I? All right. I dunno. I don't know what the heck is going on at all, man. 

Katherine: You have to complete that bridge so you guys can join up.

Hank: Okay, where's that bridge? This one right here?

Katherine: Yeah. But it might be that there's stuff on the other side.

Hank: Yeah. That might very well be. 

Katherine: You ran away from that thing.

Hank: I was afraid of it. I didn't know anything about it. Ohhh no! No no no no! 

Katherine: Oh god, there's two of them. Oh god, there's two of them. Oh god, there's two of them. (sighs)

Hank: Oh geez. Ugh, dagger tongue! Noooooooo! 

Katherine: Oh god. You're standing right in front of it. Ahhhh. 

Hank: Ohhhhhhhhh no! 

Katherine: Oh god oh god oh god oh god.

Hank: That was like three at once! Oh man. Good job, guys. Oh man. Oh man. I didn't read that. I didn't read it! I was too ffff - stressed out. There's apparently six in my squad, I don't really understand how. Man, I failed at killing those things effectively.

Katherine: There's one -

Hank: Oh, there's one right there. Shhhh. 

Katherine: Is there one up there? No no, they're behind you.

Hank: I know where they are! I'm trying to figure out - there, these guys. They bounced all the way over here. 

Katherine: Okay. 'Cause after they bring that thing over, they come back to this place. And they drop their stuff.

Hank: Okay. Yeah. But I have them all now. 

Katherine: Mmmm - put them away. Put them away and see what you've got.

Hank: I think I - yeah. I got - there was - there was -

Katherine: Eleven yellow ones. 

Hank: Yeah. And now there's eleven in the field. So now I can end the episode. Okay. Thank you for watching - no. Let's do the - let's do the thing. End day, and do the thing. Let's see - yeah, okay. (sings) Do do do do. I think this is pretty, and I wanted to see what the snow animation looked like! 'Cause it's different! Right? And the onions are going to join together in the space. It's gonna be great. What's Brittony gonna do, she's gonna stay on the planet in the cold? Hope she doesn't die, that would be a bummer. Super bummer if Brittony died. Brrritony. Oh these guys looked different a little bit. Maybe they're stronger. I didn't like those de - de - death butts. Butt deaths ones. I didn't like them. Yay, just one fruit. That's okay.

Katherine: Limeade.

Hank: Yeahhh. Limeade. Strawberry limeade. I will have. Yeah. In the cold. And I'm gonna drink this all by myself 'cause she's not here to ration. I'm aware of the situation.

Thank you for watching this episode of Hank-y Green plays game. You will not see me and I will not see you, but you will hear me next time. Goodbye.