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I'm not even joking...this video is actually about me and my wife going to the Rocky Mountain Front to observe migrating geese and I AIN'T EVEN SORRY!

The Music is a song by The Leewards that was never released to the public. They're a band that a friend of mine was in from 2001 to 2005, you can get their second album on Bandcamp for free (or pay for it, because it's great This song was on their first album, which was never released so, like, only a few dozen people have ever heard this song before.

And now, because of this video, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people will hear it! That's REALLY WEIRD!

I find it very strange that there is so much wonderful music in the world that no one will ever hear again....just a goose in the wind. ALL WE ARE IS GEESE IN THE WIND!
Good morning John; I'm leaving town. I'm excited about this; just got to get away. 
(music plays)

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong

Hank: There's like a John Denver song about Montana and I decided not to sing it.
Katherine: Nope.
Hank: I... why did I do that?
Katherine: I don't know.


Hank: Our trip thus far has been narrated entirely by Cecil Baldwin.
Cecil: Just a blinking light-
Hank: Huh!
Cecil: Red
Hank: It's yellow. Point the camera at yourself, I wan to see how beautiful my wife is. (Laughs)

Hank (voice over): Katherine and I were driving about 150 miles to a place called Freezeout Lake. Every year hundreds of thousands of snow geese, swans, and other water fowl stopped there, just as the lake starts to thaw, to fatten up on harvested barley fields. But first, we stopped at a farm owned by our friends Jacob and Courtney.

Hank: This here is my friends Jacob and Courtney's farm; we're on the Rocky Mountain Front, which is uhh, the land that happens before you get to the Rocky Mountains, which are over there. And the from here on out uhh, it's just err... mostly just corn. And wheat. And wheat by-products.

(music) took from the shore
They're easy fears, dear

Hank: Oh you're on me! (Hank laughs) Oh man. thanks.

Will you bury me in a far-off field?
Fresh and lovely darling

Hank: Jacob's gonna show me the garlic trick. What are you doing? Ohh. Whaaaaat?
Jacob: Look at that!
Hank: That does not work with the garlic you buy at stores, I have to say. Oh god yeah, just like the most delicious toothpaste of all time. I personally hate Daylight Savings Time, and I think it's ridiculous and we should never do it. It was created for farmers; you are farmers. How do you feel about this?
Jacob: I don't like it.
Courtney: It's hell on babies.
Hank: Okay, well I'm glad we got that settled. I think we should just take this tape to Congress.

That was fun. (Katherine burps) Bless you baby.

(voice over)
The early bird catches the geese as they say. So we were up early the next morning.

Hank: Sunrise in Montana. The Rocky Mountain Front is generally a very windy place, which we are experiencing today.

(voice Over)
When we arrived at the lake, there were plenty of water fowl to be seen but not a goose in sight, and we were worried that maybe they were either gone or they hadn't arrived yet. We were early for the goose migration season, but we figured we'd take the chance and it looked like it wasn't gonna pay off. Then we got kind of lost driving around on back roads through a horse pasture, and I'd pretty much given up on seeing the goose migration. There were horses though, and swans; it was beautiful, but then there... right ahead of us.

(music; geese honks)

Hank: Katherine just died. (laughs) Of happy. (laughs)