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In which Michael and Hank and Emily eat some gross stuff, some delicious stuff, and are silly. You can watch the innaugural Hungry Games here:

Emily Graslie is the host of The Brain Scoop:

Michael Aranda does LOTS OF THINGS but his channel is at:

And YES YouTube ADDS A SECOND, so the video is not more than four minutes.

He also created the music for this episode which is available here:
Hank [narration]: Good morning, John. We're at the food farm, and we are here, acquiring supplies for the Second Annual Hungry Games. Which is basically, when some friends and I play a stupid game, and if you win the stupid game, you get to eat something delicious stuffed inside of a dessert... Michael: Peanut butter. Hank [narration]: And if you lose, you have to eat something super-terrible stuffed inside a dessert. Emily: Oh my God. Hank [narration]: This year, instead of cookies, we're having brownies, and instead of just two contestants, we're having three: myself, Michael Aranda, and Emily Graslie. Hank: Let's make some brownies! Emily [singing]: We're making brownies! (music plays) Hank: So there's two components to the Hungry Games. One is, we're going to eat food because we're hungry, and two, those fish are also hungry. For my fishing pole. There's a great deal on the line right now. Don't screw up. Emily: I'm suddenly... not excited. Hank: Yup. You agreed! [Round 1] Hank: Yes! YES! YES! I got like a million. Emily: I feel nauseous all of a sudden, and we haven't even eaten any. Michael: Just going to... not look, and take... this one. Emily; It tastes like Sriracha... tastes pretty good. Hank: Yeah? Emily: I really like this! I could probably eat the rest of this, actually. Hank: And there's a trash can right here. Michael: Standing right over it. Emily: What is it? Hank: I think it's caviar. Maybe caviar tastes good. Emily: I'm going to start putting Sriracha on all of my brownies form now on. Hank: I'll try. Michael: Does anyone want a caviar brownie? Emily: I mean... I kind of do. Hank: Ah. AH! Emily: You don't... Michael: You like this? It smells weird. Emily: This tastes like crap! Hank: MY FACE!!!!! Michael: And Hank won this round. [laughter] Hank: This tasted like nothing! Emily: No! This tasted like reproductive organs. [Round 2] Hank: Michael! Reigns supreme! Emily: Oh... That was a big bite. Michael: You got right in there. Emily: You taste... all of it. Hank: It's a fish stick. Michael: Oh, I was kind of hoping for that one. I really like fish sticks. Hank: Right, yeah, right in there! Emily: Oh my God. Michael: Beans? Emily: I still feel like I lucked out. Hank: What do you got? Michael: Peanut butter. Emily: All right. Shoop, sugar, sugar, sugar. [Round 3] Emily: Did I win? I won! I need a nap. What is it? Hank: Horseradish. Emily: Oh, yay, I didn't get that one! Hank: AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!! Emily: I thought you liked horseradish! Hank: Instead of just chocolate and horseradish, it's chocolate and horseradish and spit. Emily: It's Gorgonzola. Hank: I'm so happy right now! You're handling this very well. Emily: How is it? It's not... Michael: It's a little cheesy. [Round 4] Hank: Michael has four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Emily: Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Hank: OHHHHHHHHH. I think she got the peas. Emily: I got the peas. Hank: I got the Spam! Emily: I don't like wasabi peas at all. I don't like it...! Hank: Mine has Spam in it. Three, two, one... Negative feeling about this. Oh, so many chunks! Michael: I don't know what, it's hard. I can suck on it for a little while. Emily: I'm still kind of hungry. Michael: All I can think about is, how are we going to outdo this for next year? Hank: Glad you're ready for this to happen next year. What am I doing!? Thank you for joining me, though, Michael and Emily. Thank you to Stefan for filming them. This was a delicious evening, interspersed with really terrible experiences. Michael: Goodbye John. Hank: See you on Tuesday!