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Joe: I'm behind the scenes at VidCon and holy crap! Holy crap! Musically defying gravity! Musically defying gravity! That was nuts. This is YTF, introduce yourselves.

Dominic: So I'm D-Trix.

Ryan: I'm Ryan Higa. This is...

Chester: Chester See.

Andrew: Andrew Garcia.

Victor: Victor Kim AKA Victor King.

Dominic: And we started this group called YTF. And we really enjoyed it that we wanted to bring along our other friends and now we're touring and hanging out with you guys.

Joe: What does YTF stand for? What's your message and what can we in your guys's shows?

Ryan: You'll see me doing almost nothing just like today. I pretty much just host and bring out the talented people. You'll see dancing, you'll see singing.

Chester: YTF stands for yesterday, today, forever. Yesterday is in the past, today you have a choice, and forever's up to you. And the idea behind that is just that in this moment, at this very moment right now you can turn everything around whether, whatever you, whatever happened in the past is in the past and today you have a choice to make your life the way that you want it to be forever.

Joe: If somebody wanted to stalk you on your tour what cities might they be stalking you in on this tour?

Dominic: You're gonna be stalking us on the East Coast. We're going to six cities first two weeks of October 2012 so get ready on

Joe: Well thank you YTF for hanging out here and I want to end with holy crap! Holy crap! They defied gravity! I've never seen anybody say "Eff you gravity". It was awesome.

Chester: Oh! That was so close to my face!

Joe: Joe Bereta, SourceFed, YTF, VidCon. Bye bye.

YTF: VidCon! Bye!