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If you’de like to learn about and get rid of public figures who want to flush your reproductive rights go to “It’s like a hook-up app, but it focuses on all the sexists assholes tirelessly fighting to crawl up in your vagina.” Here’s the promo vid:

Videos and books about cunnilingus:

Evidence of post-partum sex slump:

Nonfiction books, fiction books, and films about sex education:
The Education of Shelby Knox
Sex Smart Films

Vaginal Orgasm Sexplanations:
Lindsey: I want to answer your sex questions. What inspired your interest in sexology and sex? I'm not sure. Middle school? Puberty. Puberty.

Is it possible to contract an STI from masturbating? Getting a sexually transmitted infection from masturbation is fairly tricky, but in the case of herpes, it's possible. If you have herpes on your mouth and you move it from there to your genitals before your immune system builds enough antibodies to fight it off in this new location, then you can indeed infect yourself, which is called auto-inoculation. Same thing if you have genital or anal herpes and you touch your face before the immune system has established itself. So, it's best not to spit and rub if you are newly herpes positive.

I need to know just about everything about cunnilingus. Video, video, videos, book. Have some experience and ask your partners for feedback and knowledge.

What do you recommend as safer sex practices when someone says they may not consistently use condoms in casual encounters? May not? Oh boy. I would recommend the safer sex practice of getting tested and the "not having sex" practice of abstinence until you've discussed the results and negotiated protection.

How has your study of sex and sexology changed you as a person (rather than as a professional)? My sex fantasies are scientific-- And then she pinched the tip before carefully unrolling the condom.

I haven't had a sex drive since I had my child. He's almost 3. Is that normal? Yes, it's normal. Links to evidence in the description.

Can you do a video on sex positions? Yes. Here, here, here, here and eventually one here.

Why might lips tingle after performing oral sex on a male? (No stimulating lube used or condom) You're on the right track considering allergies to things like lube or the condoms, which you didn't use. Other medical explanations include alcohol use, extreme temperatures, nerve damage, or the onset of a herpes outbreak. But, think about it from a woodwind instrumentalist's perspective. The people who commit to oral play, like you probably do with fellatio. They'd give you a list of techniques to improve your embouchure. 

Is it possible for a female to not have a labia minora? Yes, because they are born without it. Yes, because they had it removed for medical or cosmetic reasons.

I was wondering if you could recommend any nonfiction books, fiction books, and films about sex education. The Sex Education of Shelby KnoxSex Ed, and SexSmart Films. Anything by them. They are considered the Netflix of sex education.

I feel like my penetrative orgasms are not as intense as my clitoral orgasms. Am I broken? Nope. Not broken. Check out this video. This may be in part because your vaginal orgasms is a less direct clitoral orgasms.

Have you read The Technology of Orgasm by Rachel P. Maines? Not yet, but I will stay curious.

This is where you subscribe to our channel for more videos. This is where you become our business partner. This is where you get our merchandise. And in the description I've included all the links we've talked about, plus an educational tool called Hinder.

I'm going to answer your sex questions. (Laughing)