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Wow...I just, like...vlogged. Been a while!


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John.

I'd like to introduce you to a couple of my friends. Hi! [Intro] There's four down here: That's Kayley, Liane, Lauren, and Kristina, and they all like to hang out together because they're awesome. And that's Hayley, she couldn't come.

Then there's Rosianna who's pretty small. There's the Short Sisters over here who are tiny. They're all my Terminus friends.

Hi, guys! Terminus is fun, isn't it? Let's go.

Ah! Gah! That one just moved. [*laughter*] So that was - ugh - ok, that turned out to be a worse punishment than I expected.

Someone suggested that, and since most people didn't want me to a punishment at all I decided that I would just do that since someone suggested that and it seemed easy and peculiar, but then one of them was still alive! Die, already! [*Willies sound*] That's what you call "The Willies." I have them. Seriously, my heart is beating really hard, right now.

Four of my legs and both of my fangs are still perfectly active! Here I come! [*... ummm... WHARRGARBL?*] [*groan*] You should have sprayed it with Windex beforehand or something.

Ah! God, there is so many spiders in my basement. For those of you who are upset about the fact that I'm killing spiders, I wouldn't do it if they weren't the kind that eat you and then your leg rots off.

I have to work down here, but I don't want leg-rot. There's - I can see one on the wall, right there. Hold on, I'm gonna go kill it.

Mental Floss! [*Whack sound off-screen*] Deed done. Basically, as you know, if you watched my last video, I had at least eight days of pure awesome in a row. That actually turned out to be about ten days of awesome thanks to John's peanut butter face Georgia discussion, and also my wife being fantastic and being very glad that I was home, and having a sort of Metric Sabbath. (God-voice) "And on the tenth day, he rested!

And it was awesome!" But now it's like, day twelve, and I am sort of coming down. Comin' down. On the way down.

I spent a lot of time thinking and writing about Terminus and all the stuff that went on in New York City, and now I'm home, y'know, and just doing my thing, and it's taken me a little bit of time to get kinda back into the normal swing of things. And there's been a component of me that's sort of crashing, and it's - so I'm all like (singing): "I miss Terminus, oh, I miss Terminus, oh, I miss Terminus. I miss Terminus, oh, I miss Terminus, oh, I miss Terminus.

I miss awesome girls and shiny beans And wizard rock and Nerdfighting, oh, I miss Terminus, oh, I miss Terminus, oh, I miss Terminus." And that may be a little pathetic. Well, just a little. A little.

Tiny, tiny, pathetic, very small amount of patheticness, but it IS there. [*NOM*] Mmm, pathetic. But that's part of life! Every week can't be the awesomest week ever.

And the Katherine and I are actually about to re-instigate the awesome: We're gonna go to Yellowstone next week and check out Yellowstone, so hopefully we'll have some Yellowstone-y footage to show you all. And then we're going to be witnessing the joining together in holy matrimony of two more of my very good friends, because apparently that's the kind of summer it is. Unrelatedly, while I was at Terminus lots of Nerdfighters asked about the Nerdfighter T-shirt Contest.

That is in the works, and hopefully you will see a video of it, soon. [*strange popping sounds*][*... hand things?*] I don't know what's wrong with me. I ate pathetic, I played with spiders, I'm havin'... hand things. I should probably just go, this being a very strange and hopefully somewhat entertaining video but I don't want it to go on too long because... is weird.

So I'm just gonna toodle-oo. John, I'll see you, soon.