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-In this video, one woman gives us her account of the money and life decisions that paid off in the long run, from choosing an income-based student loan repayment plan to avoiding lifestyle inflation.

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Through weekly video essays, "Making It Work" showcases how *real* people have upgraded their personal or financial lives in some meaningful way. Making your life work for you doesn't mean getting rich just for the sake of it. It means making the most of what you have to build a life you love, both in your present and in your future. And while managing money is a crucial life skill for everyone, there's no one "right way" to go about it — you have to figure out what works best for *you,* full stop.

Video by Grace Lee

Written by Heather P.

00:25 Living with roommates
01:09 Choosing the right student loan repayment plan
01:38 Chipper app
02:12 Getting rejected for an internship
03:03 Turning down a graduate program
04:00 Learning how to cook

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