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In which John and Hank are reunited and discuss: Beauty, foolishness, the human endeavor, hotels, and glitches that still need to be worked out.

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J: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday.

H: Good morning, John.  It's really...not my best work.  

J: We very nearly had actual brothers on a hotel bed.  Hank, it's Question Tuesday, the day that we answer real questions from real nerdfighters and you are going to have to figure out the theme of today's questions.

H: Oh, I like it.  I didn't look.  Okay.

J: What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful word?

H: I like 'penumbra'.  

J: For me, it's 'ongoingness'.

H: I don't like 'twelfth'.

J: That's a hard one.

H: 'Twelfth'.

J: What was the most foolish thing you did as a child?

H: I remember getting in a lot of trouble for throwing glass bottles off of our fort.

J: Hank, what do you think is the most beautiful phenomenon in the Anthropocene?

H: I bet there's a couple colors that didn't exist until we came around that are pretty good.

J: I was gonna say the understanding of the speed of light.

H: That's good, too.

J: Hank, what is your all-time favorite foolish endeavor?  I have an answer for this.  My all-time favorite foolish endeavor is a guy named Tony Hawks hitchiked around the circumference of Ireland with a refrigerator to win a bet and the book that resulted is as amazing as you would hope.

H: That's a good foolish endeavor.  

J: It is.

H: I was just gonna say all of humanity.

J: Have you gotten the theme of the video yet?

H: No.  I didn't yet.  I didn't get the--

J: Are you serious?

H: No.  

J: You seriously don't have the theme of the video?

H: No.

J: Okay.

H: I wasn't paying a ton of attention.  What was it?  Favorite word?  And then there was like, stupidest thing you done?

J: Mhmm.  I think everybody out there has the theme.  This might get you to the theme.

H: Okay.

J: What is foolish--

H: Oh, okay.  I got it.  

J: Okay.  Finally.  What is foolish but also beautiful?  

H&J: The internet.  

J: And also...

H&J: Humanity.

J: Whaaaat.

H: And porcupines.

J: We were like, in a lock step. 

H: Yeah.

J: The internet.  Humanity.  

H: Porcupines.  

J: I didn't have that one.  

H: They're so beautiful.  

J: I was gonna go, like, jalapeno poppers.  What is the best advice you ever got from your kid?

H: Sometimes Orin will say "Feel happy."

J: That's good.  That's helpful.  One time, one of my kids said, "It's just YouTube".   Are there any old school nerdfighterisms that have made their way into your everyday langauge?  In the very first vlogbrothers video ever, the camera turns off and you say...

H: Auto power off?  There's still some glitches to work out.

J: And I say 'Auto power off, still some glitches to work out' all the time.  Like, every time something goes wrong with the camera 13 years later, I'll still be like, auto power off, still some glitches to work out.  Is humanity worth saving?

H: Oh yeah.

J: Yes.

H: I've thought about this a bunch, actually.

J: Right, it's sort of what you write about in your novels.

H: Yeah.  I think super yes.  

J: Yes.

H: In fact, I will get into that conversation fairly deeply in this book.

J: Great, I can't wait.  

H: I'm almost done.  I wil send it to you probably Monday.

J: Have you stayed in any hotel rooms as good as the one that had that Picasso since 2012?

H: No.  I've never, nope.

J: Not even close.  We almost always stay in Courtyard by Marriotts.

H: Thank you.  There's actually a courtyard in this one which is unusual.

J: Hank, do you think that I should go back to sports Twitter?  My Twitter account @sportswithjohn, not regular Twitter?

H: I think you should do what you want to do, John.

J: Since I left Twitter, Liverpool Football Club have not lost a game in the Premier League.  So.  Why would I go back?  I'm the one who's making it happen.  What's the last movie that made you cry?

H: It was the last movie I saw, which was Little Women which was very good.

J: Every movie makes me cry.  Like, I haven't seen Cats yet, but I'm sure it will make me cry.  

H: I want to see Cats.

J: I don't.  But I support people who do.  I'm not here to harsh on your (?~3:51).  If you like Cats, whatever, that's great, God, thank God that somebody likes something somewhere.  Hank, I will see you, I will continue, you know.  

H: Yeah.

J: Alright.