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In which Hank and Katherine and Michael play Super Mario Bros Wii. FOR FUN. EXTRA FUN.
Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Katherine and Michael play Super Mario Brothers Wii from the beginning back when it was fun.
Katherine: Hooray!
Michael: Hooray
Katherine: I'm so excited.
Michael: I'm so excited.
Katherine: I'm not excited about this part really.
Hank: You don't want the cut scene? With the giant cake with the radish in it? I love radish cakes.
Michael, do you want to introduce yourself to people who might not know who you are?
Michael: My name is Michael Aranda and I do stuff sometimes.
Katherine: games
Everyone laughs
Katherine: Get it!
Hank: Michael is yellow toad, right?
Katherine: Yeah
Michael: I'm lemon toad.
Katherine: Lemon
Hank: Urine toad.
Katherine: Lemon
Hank: Urine toad
Katherine: And um...what else is yellow? Cake
Hank: Periwinkle nope. Periwinkle is light blue.
Michael: What is yellow? Another color!
Hank: What is yellow BLUE! Benjamin.
Katherine: This is gonna be really fun.
Hank: Yeah it's gonna be so fun.
Katherine: We're gonna be getting in everyone's way.
Hank: Like the old days.
Katherine: Oh my God I'm so excited.
Hank: I am fart.
Katherine: Hank you're closer to the mic than everyone else so...loud
Hank: I know, that's why it's pointed towards you guys. Especially when I'm farting. Katherine laughs. Out of my way boys!
Michael: I um 
Katherine: Oh I couldn't! I'll just be up here.
Hank: I keep thinking that toad is a bad guy. Ahh ooh! Nicely done.
Katherine: Sorry toad.
Michael: I don't have my glasses on.
Hank: You're the small one
Michael: Yeah, OK.
Katherine: You're the small one that's not a goomba.
Hank: You're not a goomba.
Michael: OK
Hank: OK. Don't hit the things!
Katherine: Can I hit them now?
Hank: Yeah. Sorry my bad.
Michael: Uuuh uuh ooh! That was some double teaming.
Hank: Yeah we double teamed it. Teamwork? Is that what you were thinking?
Katherine: AAH! Darn it. Mistake! Oh no again! 
Hank: Oh it's so easy now. Except for that. Oh I'm sorry Toad, that was my bad! My bad! When I killed you.
Katherine: Hey! HEY!
Hank: What? Why do you need to be
Katherine: Jerk. Wow.
Hank: What happened?
Katherine: You killed me again.
Hank: I did not kill you.
Michael: I don't know what's happening.
Katherine: Oh my God. Mario is out of control guys.
Hank: Everything's fine.
Katherine: He's on a rampage.
Hank: Oh oh ooooh.
Katherine: Good job. Good job Toad. Do you wanna sit a little closer Michael? Do you need a chair?
Hank: Aaah monkey.
Michael: I mean it's not terrible so far.
Katherine: I guess I'll just be down here.
Hank: Oh my God that was so easy. Ludicrous. I guess I will take both of those. Don't mind if I do. Ba baa! Everybody, I actually got better at this game during the eight levels we have played so far. Look at your giant head Michael! Jesus! Never seen a big Toad before. We're just waiting for that pipe to come back around it's gonna happen eventually. Jesus said so.
Michael: I'm trying to rub my head against you.
Hank: Out of my way-sers. That's how you come up. How big is this thing?!
Katherine: Seriously. We missed out opportunity and now it's not coming back. Uh.
Hank: Come on is it never gonna come back? Wooah.
Hank: We are racing.
Katherine: It's not! I mean, what is going on?
Hank: I don't know, it's never coming back. I mean that was our chance. You only get one chance apparently.
Katherine: It doesn't make any sense!
Hank: Well neither does any of this.
Katherine: OK stop. We gotta co-operate.
Hank: Oh my butt.
Katherine: OK Toad has a freaking
Hank: Oh he does. Toad go up...nooo
Katherine: Nooo
Michael: Uuuh
Katherine: Yay!
Michael: Jump off my giant head.
Hank: Ooh that's fast! Everybody, it's fast.
Katherine: Wahoo!
Michael: Yes.
Katherine: Look at Mario.
Hank: No.
Hank: I was getting prepared.
Katherine: Oh my goodness.
Hank: That was so easy. That was so easy. I gained lives that level. That never happens.
Katherine: We missed a coin?
Hank: It's the one that was down that pipe!
Katherine: Ooh.
Michael: I'm sorry.
Katherine: I died twice.
Hank: Yeah you did.
Katherine: That was a...unexpected.
Hank: I don't know why I...I thought I ground pounded but whatever, I didn't. Let's go into the underground!
Michael: Doo da doo da doo
Michael: It forced me in anyway.
Hank: Oh everybody gets one. Everybody gets one. Ooh I almost stole it.
Katherine: Except almost...Luigi.
Katherine laughs
Michael: Grrr
Hank: Do it. Yeah look at all them coins coming down, coming down to us. Get on down here, coins. Do you think if you keep going up there eventually there's gonna be something good? Back when, back when
Michael: Just use my head.
Hank: You have a very bouncy head.
Katherine: It is an extremely bouncy head.
Hank: Is used to think, when I was a kid, that when you hit those things faster they would have more coins in them. That it was a time limit and not like a number of coins in the thing limit.
Katherine: Um.
Hank: You don't know what I'm talking about do you?
Katherine: There's a time limit right? 
Hank: No, it's a number of coins in the thing limit.
Katherine: Ahh right right right. But, but, it is also a time limit.
Hank: Is there both?
Katherine: Yeah because eventually you don't get any more coins.
Hank: Because you hit them
Katherine: Like if you don't get the coins out of it 
Michael: Woo
Katherine: In time
Hank: I did it
Katherine: If you don't get the coins out of it in time you don't get the coins.
Hank: I'm going in here
Michael: OK
Hank: I think the coins just stay in there and you can keep hitting it more.
Katherine: No
Hank: I think so.
Michael: Di you wanna use my head?
Hank: Panic
Michael: Oh, OK.
Hank: Uuuh
Hank: Get up there Toadly!
Katherine: Yeah! Get it! Go on Toadly.
Hank: Yeah!
Katherine: Toadly Toad.
Hank: You should've said up there because now the coins
Katherine: Hooray! It's just coins. So bouncy.
Hank: Yeah
Hank: It's your head. It's made of mushroom.
Katherine: It's made of lemon.
Hank: Lemon meringue. What frick on woah?
Katherine: Yeah that's good because now you're up there and uh, I don't know. OH!
Hank: Oh!
Katherine: Yeah! Oooh!
Hank: Master plan!
Katherine: Who down there with the master plan? Oh!
Hank: OH! What just happened?
Katherine: I don't even know...rainbows! Haha!
Hank: Dropped that on your head for you.
Katherine: Out of my way! I will kill everything!
Hank: AAAH!
Hank: You almost killed me.
Katherine: I'm sorry.
Hank: Eh! Huah!
Hank: Everything's OK. Sorry!
Michael: Uuh! Ooh wow.
Hank: Ooh my head.
Michael: Oh dear.
Katherine: Ooh wow.
Hank: Hair-burger.
Katherine: Hair burger?
Katherine laughs
Hank: Fall down you fall downy.
Katherine: Hooray!
Michael: Ooh. Ooh.
Hank: Get it Toad, get it! Yeah Toad!
Katherine: What? What even
Hank: What what what? Aaah.
Michael: Oooh no.
Hank: Poor Katherine.
Katherine: Feel! Aah.
Hank: Why you going over there we already did that.
Katherine: I know. I'm stuck now?
Hank: You're trapped. Now you're trapped!
Katherine: I'm stuck now?
Hank: Just bubble. Hi Lemon, you can't come up on the couch.
Katherine: Woah!
Michael: Woah!
Hank: There's too many of us. Get to the edges! Get to the edges! Head to the exit.
Katherine: Do it! Now the other way!
Hank: Yeah! Now stand where you are.
Katherine: Toad's enormous head got all the stuff.
Katherine: Damn it. Lay down Lemon. Lay down. Not on the couch. You can't be up on the couch. There's no space for you.
Hank: Everybody welcome.
Katherine: Oops.
Hank: Oh come on! I was just waiting for you guys.
Katherine: There were no points for Mario. See you later! Nutburger. Lemon lay down! She's like " I wanna get up on the couch. There's only 3 of you up there!" Thank you for watching this episode of Hank and Katherine and Michael play Super Mario Brothers Wii. You will not see us and we will not see you but you will hear us next time, maybe with Lemon on the couch if she can figure it out with her derpy brain.
Michael: Derpy derpy derpy.