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Five Nights At Freddy's: Today Hank Green plays night two of Five Nights At Freddy's! Can Hank beat night two in this scary game?
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank, this is games with me.

Five Nights at Freddy's is a really interesting game. And so I'm gonna go back to visit Freddy's again to see how I can do in my second night of being a security guard there. I don't know why anyone would go back, but I am.

Oooh, twelve A.M. second night at Freddy's.

[Phone Ringing]

Hank: Heyyy, give me a call back. Oh, are we, did we already lose the bunny? Is the bunny already, oh god, the bunny is already on the move.

[Phone Ringing]

Hank: The bunny is already in the move! I need to name them. Can that one be... Andrew? 'Cause we got Freddy, we got Andrew.

Phone Guy: Uh Hello? Hello?

Hank: Hello. Hello!

Phone Guy: Well, if you're hearing this then you made it day two, (Hank: I did.) uh, congrats.

Hank: Oh God!

Phone Guy: I won't talk quite as long this time, since Freddy and his friends tend to become more active as the week progresses.

Hank: Yes! It appears that that is indeed the case!

Phone Guy: Uhh it might be a good idea to peek at those camera while I talk just to make sure everyone's in their proper place.

(Phone Guy: Interestingly enough Freddy himself doesn't come off stage very often.)

Hank: They're not, man! They're not. Freddy's still where he's supposed to be.

Phone Guy: I heard he becomes a lot more active in the dark though (Hank: Someone's calling me on the phone.) I guess that's one more reason not to run out of power, right?

Hank: Yeah, I don't wanna run out of power. Who is it? I don't care.

Phone Guy: I also wanna emphasize the importance of using your door lights. There are blind spots in the camera view (Hank: Yes.) and those blind spots happen to be right outside your door. 

Hank: Yeah that was a bad plan.

Phone Guy: So if you can't find something, or someone in your cameras be sure to check the door lights.

Hank: Well thanks for telling that to me now. Oooh Freddy! Oh god!

(Phone Guy: You might only have a few seconds to react, not that you would be in any danger, of course.)

Phone Guy: I'm not implying that. 

Hank: What? You're not? Really?

Phone Guy: Also, check on the curtain in Pirate Cove from time to time. 

Hank: Alright is this Pirate Cove? Yeah, pirate cove. Ahhh! Ooh! Heh. Why does that happen?

Phone Guy: The character in that place is unique in that he becomes more active if the cameras remain off for long periods of time. I guess he doesn't like being watched. I don't know.

Phone Guy: Anyway, I'm sure you have everything under control uhh I'll see you soon!

Hank: Why can't I turn the light? Why can't I turn on the light? Why can't I turn on the light?

Hank: I'm confused.

Bonnie/Andrew: Ahhhh!

Hank! Aaah! Oh frig. That didn't take long.

(Scare Cam Flashback)

Bonnie/Andrew: Ahhh!

Hank: (slow motion scream) Oooh frig.

Hank: Well day two went poorly!

(TV test beep)

Hank: Are we gonna do the whole phone call thing again cause I don't wanna do that.

Hank: Oh god the bunny's on the move.

(camera noises)

Hank: Stay where you are, bunny.

Hank: Okay, I just gotta keep, keep an eye on you. Why did my light stop working? It's completely unacceptable.

Hank: Pirate Cove. Okay. Coming- coming to the left side. Oh, we've already lost two of them.

Hank: Oh that's a big, scary bunny. That's a big scary bunny. Oh-kay.

Hank: Where are you? Oh man, what. Why? You're so fast now. Is that? Are you? I can't tell. I can't tell. Wha-.

Hank: Okay. Where's the duck? Where's duck friend? Where's my duck friend?

Hank: Is that you? Duckie? I can't tell. It's very dark.

Hank: I guess next time my light stops working I'm just going to, oh God. Oh, God. 

Hank: What is that noise? Kay, you're not there. 

Hank: Okay, where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? Where is the duck? I don't know where the duck is.

(clanking noise)

Hank: What is that noise? I don't like that noise. That's a set of horrifying noises. 

Hank: Hello? Ducky? Ducky? Are you still, is that you there? I can't tell. It's very dark.

Hank: This- I really like the mechanic of this game with the just popping and entirely fast-paced clicky clicks. Except I can't find the duck.

Hank: I've lost the duck. I've lost.. a duck. Kitchen's always--ah I didn't mean to do that.

Hank: Kay, sorry. Who's moving around? Freddy, stay where you are, Freddy. Do not move, Freddy. 

Hank: Completely lost track of all of them. They're all- except for Freddy. Where are you hiding terrible animals?

Hank: If-if they're not on the cameras they must be outside my door.

Hank: Okay. Take a breath. Take a peek. Pirate Cove's good. Freddy's staying. Lots of noises in the hall. 

Hank: (jump scare noise) Jaahhhhh!

Hank: Okay, well at least my door worked. Okay. Where- that was the bunny, where's the ducky?

Hank: Ducky, ducky, ducky, ducky, ducka, ducka, ducka, ducka, ducka, ducka, ducka, ducka, ducka, ducka, ducka (repeat)

Hank: Ducka, ducka, duck. Ducka, ducka, duck. Oh god, oh god.

Hank: Hahhh. Why does it take power to keep a door closed?! Definitionally, keeping it in the same state, should not, cause it, to need, okay.

Hank: Pirate Cove. Okay there's bunny. I know where bunny is. Where's ducky? Ducky ducky. Ducky.

Hank: Where are you, Ducky? There you are! Found ducky, okay everything's good.

Hank: We know where everyone is. We're at 2 A.M. Everything's fine. We have forty-fifty we have fifty-two percent power left.

Hank: I can' turn off this freaking fan! That's wasting my energy! It's right there in frrrroo-oh hello ducky.

Hank: Where are you? Okay there's ducky, bunny. Ducky, bunny, Freddy. Everybody I know where everybody is.

Hank: Okay ducky, bunny, Freddy okay. Okay the hard part is like counting, like so you don't look too much. Ohh I lost him.

Hank: I lost- I lost them both. Where's ducky? Ducky ducky ducky. Ducky ducky ducky. Ducky. Hello?

Hank: Okay, hooohhhhhhahahooh, uh. Hey Freddy. Pirate Cove. Bunny. Where did the ducky go?

Hank: Hello? Where did the bunny go? Where's the bunny now? Ohhohaha oh ohhh. Okay.

Hank: Bunny, bunny bunny. Where are you? Lil' bunny. 

Hank: You're getting- Ducky's getting close. But where's bunny?

Hank: Where's Freddy? Pirate Cove's good. Freddy's still where he's supposed to be. Okay.

Hank: Well, we're at 3 A.M. and we have thirty-five percent power. I feel like that's pretty good. 

Hank: Wheeere- okay Bunny isn't moving. Oh there's bunny. There's - that's ducky. Bunny's, bunny's right up on us. 

Hank: Okay, okay. Okay. Just waiting. Waiting. Kay bunny's still there. Bunny's still there. Bunny's still there.

Hank: Bunny, bunny's, bunny's not there anymore. Bunny's not there anymore.

Hank: Where did bunny go? Bunny's not there. Why not? Why not bunny there? Hello bunny? Hello bunny? Hello bunny?

Hank: Hello. Where's ducky? Ducky friend. Oh I don't know. Oh god, they're both right on me at the same time.

Hank: What about Pirate Cove? How's Pirate Cove doing? How's Freddy doing? Okay they're doing fine. 

(jump scare noise)

Hank: Aaaah..hahaha ha ha ha. Oh god. Can I tell if they're there or not? With that thing? 

Hank: Where's ducky? Ducky? Ducky? Ducky? Ducky? Kitchen never works. Why do I ever click on the kitchen? Kitchen never works.

Okay. Whoa no! 4 AM you guys. 19% power. (sigh) Hello duck friend! Okay, I am feeling good about this. I- I feel pretty safe. I- I- I'm doing a little internal math and I feel like I've got enough power to make it. As long as I don't freak out too bad. We're at 5 AM.

5 AM! (Clicks) Okay, don't freak out. Use your power wisely.

Freddy: Dum dum dum

Hank: What was that noise? That was creepy. Hey duck. Hey you stay there- ah! No, no it's not you. Why would that happen? Is it almost like a psychosis? AHH WHY ARE YOU BACK? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO click click click click click click click! I'm so close, I'm so close, I'm so close to 5 AM!

Oh come on! Why isn't my door working? When is this- how is this a happening? No, okay, 6 AM, arrive! Arrive, 6 AM! Arrive, arrive, for me now, DO IT NOW, NOW, NOW, 6 AM, PLEASE! (crying) oh god no, let me live! Okay, just, just keep looking he can't walk in if your looking at him it's like the angels in Doctor Who.

Just keep looking. And hopefully 6 AM will arrive. Okay, here it is, 6 AM where are you? I have 5% power left, come on! Oh god, the powers going so fast! It's going so fast, do it, do it! Please! Haaah 2%!

(6 AM arrives)

YES, YES! (Relieved sigh) Thanks for watching this episode of games with Hank, I, am awesome. I- I don't know. If that's the second night at Freddy's, I'm not sure how to do much better then that. 'Cause I was awfully close that time, down to 2%.

Thanks for watching, and, DFTBA. I'm awesome.