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Pizzamas t-shirts, Pizza John PJ's, pop sockets, and more:

In which John gets his worst mustache of all time (which is really saying something), visits with the people here in Indianapolis who are making pizza john pajama pants, and votes in the 2016 elections here in the United States. VOTE, AMERICA!

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Good morning, Hank! It is Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

It’s Pizzamas! The most magical time of the year! So, every year during Pizzamas, we make videos on Vlogbrothers every weekday for two weeks. Unfortunately, Hank, you scheduled the arrival of your child poorly and you’re on paternity leave. What’s that? Oh, apparently you can’t schedule the arrival of a child.

But Pizzamas is full of magic, and so as part of that, you managed to somehow upload a video during your paternity leave. Not just a video, by the way, but a video with you dancing in it. That’s my favorite kind of Vlogbrothers video. Did you know that Hank Green was named Winter Park High School’s Best Dancer in 1998? It’s true.

Wait, what just happened to my face? It’s a Pizzamas miracle! My mustache is back! Also, in totally predictable news, I have cut myself shaving. By the way, I have been growing a beard for two months for this joke, so I hope you enjoy how ridiculous I look.

So the Pizza John story is so complicated that I can’t even really bring myself to explain it to new nerdfighters, but Hank made a video a while back with the highlights. But basically, every year there’s a bunch of limited edition Pizza John merch, like this year there’s this La Croix Pizza John. There’s also this Pizza John hoodie. Hank reached out to a bunch of his favorite T-shirt designers, and many of them designed awesome Pizza John shirts. You can find them all at

Also, all the Pizza John stuff is only available during Pizzamas, and then it will disappear forever. Ugh, God, I just look so bad with this mustache. I look like a 39-year-old man impersonating a nine-year-old impersonating a police officer. It’s even worse than the one from last year, but you never know what gifts Pizzamas is gonna bring.

Wait a second, hold up, back up the tape for a second. Did I just say, “It is Tuesday, November 8th, 2016”? November 8th, why is that date important? Oh right, it’s because the Pizza John PJs are being made right here in Indianapolis on November 8th. I actually prefer to call them the PJ PJs. Alright, I gotta head over to the pajama factory. And for better or worse, I’m taking my mustache with me.

Quick story: I didn’t get this on video because I’m a bad vlogger who’s terrified of pulling out his camera in public places except for airports, but I just got a cup of coffee, and after I ordered, the woman behind the counter said, “I mustache you if you would like room for cream,” and I just wanna say for the record, well played.

Alright, Hank, I’ve arrived at Krazy Klothes! Time to go see my pajamas! I’m John, nice to meet you.

Person: Hi, John, nice to meet you.

So first Debby lays out the fabric, then it goes through this amazing machine, where it is imprinted with my mustachioed face. Now, there are some parts of the process that are automated, but every pair of Pizza John pajamas is cut and sewn by hand right here in Indianapolis. And when they’re all done, they look like this.

I think that’s all I had scheduled for November 8th. Just kidding! I have to go vote. I already texted myself my sample ballot.

By the way, on my phone, I’ve got this great Pizza John popsocket. It’s so useful! Never not self-promoing. Quick side note: If you’re an American and you can vote, listen to the man with the mustache.

Look up your polling place in the dooblydoo. If you need a refresher on anything you might need to bring to the polls, go to and look up your state. And go vote! You can do this! I’m about to do it with a mustache, wearing a portrait of myself with a mustache.

Okay, I’m on my way into my polling place.

And now I have voted.

Again, if you need voting resources, you can find some in the dooblydoo below. Happy Pizzamas, and happy Election Day! I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m just— I’m just trying to keep my cool. Who am I kidding, I’m a lot bit nervous.

Hank, I will not see you tomorrow, but I’ll see somebody on Vlogbrothers. Vote!