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In which we meet Dr. Lindsey Doe and talk about talking about sex.

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Music Used In This Episode: Mining By Moonlight by Kevin MacLeod
I am Lindsey Doe! I'm a clinical sexologist - Bachelor's in Psychology, Master's in Health and Human Performance with a Concentration in Health Promotion, and my Doctorate in Human Sexuality. [intro music] There are three main things I do as a clinical sexologist: One is to educate others, the other is to create an environment in my community that is sex-positive, and third is for me to work on my own sex life; as a clinical sexologist, I think it is really important that I be walking the talk, and it's also really important that I'm modeling to other people a healthy sexuality. I want to make sex education accessible to the universe. There are a lot of people out there who need accurate information - I'll give it to you! For free! The most common question that I'm asked is how I chose this field. And... I think that the field chose me. It begins with me growing up on a boarding school campus in Hudson, Ohio; I was around teenagers all the time - those hormone-driven, learning... adolescent, puberty-blossoming individuals. I don't remember when the first realization was about being a sexologist, but my high school classmates report that it was as early as high school. It's a fun job! Want to know my favorite joke... or one of my favorite jokes? What kind of pants does Mario wear? Denim, denim, denim! This is me when I was little, this is me in college, before we had cell phones. This is me at my master's degree graduation, this is one of my three dogs - her name is Lena. Yeah, you want a tour of my office? A little mini-one? So this is a speculum. Speculum! Black books, white books, blue books, red books. Unicorn horn. Vulva pendant, kind of similar to the ones done by vulvalovelovely - if you haven't checked her out, she's lively - then I have jewelry here, made by the same artists who do ZombAlert pendants. This are conic, these are birds and bees. Anatomy - some more anatomy - sperm. There aren't just two, though - there are many. Down: you have my super Kegel exerciser, which I got for a dollar at a church garage sale - goes between your legs - it can adjust here, in between - by squeezing it, you can work your PC muscles - the pelvic flooring that prevents me from urinating and defecating on my nice chair. How much do I love Firefly? I actually love it so much, that if I'm sitting on the couch, and I think, "Hmm. I'm horny. I could go have sex, masturbate, or watch Firefly"... I sometimes watch Firefly instead of having sex! What? Ah, what do we want to talk... ah! We're going to talk about questions that I want you to ask me! You can ask me about anything, and my service to you will be to put that in the context of human sexuality, or sexuality as a whole. "Lindsey, can I ask you about your personal life?" Yes, you may. "Sexual enhancement?" Yes, you may. "Can I ask you about diseases?" Uh-huh. "Lubrication" Uh-huh. "And physiology and biology, and semen, and orientation, and gender, and body image?" Yup. Yup. Yes, all of the above. I will not use my powers for evil. Feel free to ask. I have boundaries, I will set them; if I'm not comfortable answering, or don't have the answer, then I'll put resources in my skirt. I want you to know your guide for this class, this course, this channel, this lifetime that you're about to embark on. I'll do my best to accommodate your interests, and help you feel... safe. Um... ask me a question.