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Special Guest Host: WheezyWaiter -

Haven't you always wondered about ZZ Top's famous beards, or the facial hair of ancient egyptians? Well this is your chance, with the Beard Lover's edition of Truth or Fail, the game show where you click on the truth, or you fail.
Hello Beardlovers. I'm the Wheezy Waiter, nice to meet you, or rather nice to meet me since I can't actually see you. Welcome to Truth or Fail: Beard edition, the game show in which I give you two facts about beards and it is essential that you select the true one, hooray! Or you fail. (Punches in Face) Ow! You won't technically get money if you succeed, but you also won't get punched if you fail, by me anyways. This doesn't seem right without my usual intro, so I'm gonna turn around while that happens.

(Wheezy Waiter)

Hmm. Now you know where I got my face hair from. OK.

Round one

First fact: Austrian Hans Steininger is probably the only person in history to have died from tripping over his beard.


Two: Fu Manchus became a common styling of facial hair for wealthy land owners during the late Xing Dynasty.

Which one is it? It's one of those. I think it's that one, or that one. Actually I know which one it is but I'm not gonna tell you. Sorry. You have to figure this one out on your own. Hmm. I'm just gonna go over here. While, while... Have you decided yet? Why haven't you decided yet?