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In which many goals are scored.

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Doh! It's a goal! The Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers have scored! Leroy Williamson to Other John Green!

I'm in favor of it. Oh, speaking of things I'm in favor of, I'm in favor of scoring goals as Other John Green!

But we need crisper in-the-box passing. Oh! There's a beauty!

And just some generally... Oh! What a start! What a start! And it's John Green to John Green!
"John Greens, John Greens,
Bald and Other John Greens,
They love each other and they love our team."

Oh God. Phew, great save. Great stop. I don't know who that was but he's a hero.

So anyway... Oh! Bald John Green!

Oh! It's in the net! It's in the net! It's John Green!

Never give up, never give in. Yes! Oh! How do you like them apples, Liverpool! You just got Swindon Towned.

Bald John Green. Finisher! Oh! Bald John Green with two goals. Do something. Oh, robot, robot.

Oh, that wasn't great. But it was good enough! Bald John Green! Oho! He's taunting the goal keeper.

...souls. Oooh!

It never works out that way. I never score in those metaphorically resonant moments.

...Katherines pointed out can be - Oh rudrudgebegebegehbejgehbeh. Oh, I like the way you dance!

I just lo... Oh! Oh! Oh! Leroy Williamson!

Oh, it's a finish! Oh!

Oooho! Bald John Green!

Finish! Finish! There we go!

Oh! It's in the net! Oh what...That's Andy Rooney!

What's the best way to eat a pomegranate? Like this: blargnomblanombanamnamnam. Why'd you have to take off your headphones?

So I went to prom... Oh! Out of nothing! Who was it!?

You're strong enough! That's in the goal! That's in the goal! Oh!

...about - Ohohoho!

He's got a lot of courage! And it's a goal! It's... Oh! It's Mionel Richie!
"Hello, is it a goal you're looking for?"

We left. (Laughs) Oh! Andy Rooney with the game of his life!

...symbolism. Could it be? It could be!

I mean, let me just submit to you that the best way to hard boil an egg by far is to scramble a freaking egg.

Um, and I hope that my books... Oh! Leroy Williamson! Leroy Williamson! Give me that robot!

Yes. Yes! Leroy Williamson! Oh, oh, oh oh.

Oh! Oh! Speaking of things that take care of themselves, Bald John Green with a beautiful goal in the thirty third minute.

Oh! Oh!

Speaking of going! Oh! Right off the bat! Yes! I just punched a guy in the face. I punched a guy in the face, I feel bad. That was an accident. I punched a man in the face.