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Just how local and delicious is the food at Kenyon College?

If John doesn't convince you, check out
Announcer: And now, "Pensive Moments" with John Green.

John: Food. We all need it, and you're going to continue to need it when you're in college. And that's one of the great reasons to choose Kenyon, because the food here is absolutely amazing!

When I was a student, we ate square fish, but you will dine on local foods that are part of an active sustainability program. And when I say local, I'm not talking about a few counties away, I'm talking about pigs that you can raise, pet, and then, if you choose, (chopping motion), right here in Knox County, Ohio.

Announcer: Yeah, John. That's what I'm talking about. This has been​ "Pensive Moments" with John Green.