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In which Hank just talks...and does his best to be entertaining with it.

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Good morning John, it is Tuesday, September first, which means- my, my butt is vibrating.

My butt is my mom, I'm gonna talk to Mom. Okay. Hello.

Love you too. Okay. Bye.

I don't know what I'm going to make my video about today. I thought maybe if I just turned the camera on, something would ha... ppen. So I figured I would just talk to you about what's going on.

Like I just told Mom, I was just in the record studio. I recorded three songs very quickly. I recorded a version of Alan and Tom's Can't, which doesn't sound like me at all, it sounds like David Bowie jumped into my body and, like, made me sing.

This is how I sing that song, "He can't put into words just how she made him melt. She molded, folded, pasted and cut." If you were the microphone that's how it would've looked. And I recorded Mules Are So Half Ass and then Demolition Derby Song in studio version.

Here is Mules Are So Half Ass. -plays Mules Are So Half Ass- I'll keep that playing in the background, I'm maybe a little bit out of breath, and dizzy. I was going around in a circle. I got a few books recently that I'm really excited about.

I'm going to try and find them. Okay the third book was really hard for me to find because it was actually propping up my computer. Um, it's being used to prop my computer up, so obviously I'm not reading that one yet.

The first one is David Byrne's Bicycle Diaries which I got as a review copy which I'm really excited about, 'cause it's not officially out yet. I also got Hot For Words' book, which is great because it's extremely educational. You know...

Gerrymander. I'm sure you guys were looking at the words. And the last book I got was Geektastic which is an anthology that has John Green in it and I didn't even know until I was at the store and I was reading through and found it.

So, yeah, apparently John has enough books now that he doesn't even talk about them when he is in anthologies. But it's not just John Green, it's got all kinds of great geeks, like Cory Doctorow, and Cecil Castelucci, and David Levithan, and Scott Westerfeld, and Sara Zarr, and Holly Black. I haven't read anything but John's yet, but John's is very good.

Also, yesterday I had a lady come to my house and take pictures of me for the newspaper. Okay, she wasn't actually just a lady, she was actually a friend of mine, but she does work for the newspaper, and they're doing a story on recession proof jobs and apparently I have one. So I was like, "Okay so yeah, should I just, like...

Is this what you want? Because I can do this all day." But they actually turned out very well. Here are some of them.

And, of course, I'm going to ask you all to vote on your favorite one, not your favorite one or two, or seven, or six, or five, or four, your favorite one, in the comments, because the lady who took the pictures isn't sure which one of those she should use, and I get to use them after they run the story, so I wanna know what your favorite one is, if I'm gonna use it for, I don't know, put it on my Twitter page or something. And, just so you know, I don't have three computers. I just have the one, and another monitor, and then she brought in another computer so that it would look more epic.

I AM COMPUTER MAN. Which, honestly, is how my friends in Montana think of me. Like, if you ask any one of my friends what my job was, they'd be like, "Oh, yeah, Hank, he, uh, he works on computers." I'm lucky when they know what YouTube is, but that's okay, I don't mind, it's okay guys, don't worry, if you're watching this.

And who am I kidding? You're not. Books to buy, you can never have too many books.

And now I'm gonna go to a baseball game. John, you will see me tomorrow.