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We go through the best ever Christmas movies...even the ones that aren't all that Christmas-y.

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Charlie & Jimmy


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  Intro (0:00)

Charlie: Good morning, I'm Charlie!

Jimmy: Good morning, I'm Jimmy!

C: And today on the show "Teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings".

J: That is slightly creepy, Charlie. It's a quote though from A Wonderful Life, a Christmas movie, and we're going to be talking about some other Christmas movies, our favorite ones, on today's show.

C: It's Cereal Time.


C: Ho ho ho, merry festive season.

J: Yeah.

C: I don't know why Santa sort of turned into a ghost near the end there.

J: Well...

C: The festive season.

J: He is from the other world isn't he, maybe Santa is a ghost? He lives forever. Just saying, putting it out there, conspiracy theory. Happy Tuesday guys, good morning.

C: Good morning.

J: Hope you're all doing well. It is, it's basically Christmas now isn't it, we're so close to it.

C: I feel like once you hit December it's OK to get in the Christmassy spirit. Anything before then I'm like "Mmm" but now I'm like "Christmas, I'm ready for ya!"

J: I'm feeling really festive. I went out shopping this weekend, and all the Christmas lights were up and there was a Salvation Army brass band doing Christmas songs. I was like "Aw, I sort of feel like I'm in a kids Christmas film". All I needed was the snow.

C: Don't get much of that here, do we?

J: We don't get a lot of snow, it's really disappointing, bloody global warming. Ooh!

  Favorite Christmas movies (1:19)

J: We thought today we'd talk about Christmas movies. 'Cause nothing says festive like a good old Christmas film so we're just going to run through our favorites and tell you why we like them.

C: The Snowman. This is a classic Christmas movie for me. You've seen this, I'm sure you must have seen this.

J: Yes! Raymond Briggs.

C: Yes.

J: Yes.

C: Based on the book by Raymond Briggs. The film itself is only, like, 26 minutes long, I want to say. So an easy one to slice into your Christmas movie playlist, I want to say. But it's such a classic to me. Like I don't know what it is about this film, it seems like the epitome of Christmas.

J: Yeah.

C: Probably because I was indoctrinated by it. It was on, like, TV every single year. And it was also, you know, very appropriate to kids. General story: kid builds a snowman, snowman comes to life, snowman can also fly.

J: Yeah.

C: For whatever reason, and he flies around. The classic song, you might remember it Jimmy.

Both: (Singing) "I'm walking in the air".

J: It's really nice.

C: It's beautiful.

J: Yeah.

C: It's more beautiful in the movie, but yeah. I just, I just love it.

J: No, I think that was more beautiful.

C: Yeah? Sure?

J: A magic snowman comes to life and then dies in the end, doesn't it?

C: Yeah it does.

J: It melts, into just water. 'Cause like all good things in life, it has a life span, you know. So that's what you sort of take away from that. It's quite sad actually.

C: Why are you putting such a downer on my happy Christmas movie, Jimmy?

J: Christmas sadness. Sorry.

101 Dalmatians is my choice. Not entirely sure if it's a Christmas film, but it definitely takes place in the winter, and there's snow in it.

C: I feel like any movie that you want to be a Christmas film, if you watch it regularly at Christmas, it can turn into an event.

J: Yeah. So I was either going to choose that or The Pianist so I'm glad I went down that route. It's good, there's a bit where a guy, like, falls into a frozen lake, comes out with icicles on. I mean nothing says Christmas like, like a near death in a cold pond does it? (Charlie laughs) It's very festive. But if you've not seen 101 Dalmatians it's a very good film. It is a very good film! And it's uplifting, it's got a happy ending, I promise you. Glenn Close is in it, she plays the baddie, Cruella de Vil. She's brilliant.

C: So this is the live action version you're talking about, not the animated version.

J: This is the live action version. No, I'm not interested in that crap. Absolutely not interested, it's all about this. Very disappointed to see it's only got 39% on Rotten Tomatoes, which I think is unfair. Give it a watch if you've not seen it, it's a classic.

C: Jingle All the Way. Now I want to preface this by saying this is not a good movie by any stretch. In fact it's one of the worst movies ever made, but it is a lot of fun to watch. So the premise behind this: Arnold Schwarzenegger has a kid, well he's a bad dad, basically. His kid really wants a toy, he's decided to leave getting him this toy until Christmas Eve, obviously. Various hijinks ensue.

J: I love hijinks.

C: Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to get this toy, on Christmas Eve. He ends up breaking 10 serious, like, laws, over the course of the movie.

J: 10!

C: Around about that.

J: Wow.

C: There's assault, he impersonates a police officer, there's a bit of domestic terrorism, breaking and entering, arson, and cruelty to animals.

J: Festive.

C: There is an actual scene in this movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger punches a reindeer in the face. (Josh and Jimmy laugh) It's such a bad movie.

J: I've heard about that scene.

C: It's so terrible but it's a perfect movie if you've got some friends who can appreciate a bad film. Get a group of people together and mock it while you're watching it. It's just, it's so much fun.

J: Aw I've not seen it, I really want to.

C: "Put the cookie down!" You'll get that if you've seen it.

J: A Muppet Christmas Carol. This one's definitely a Christmas film, cause it's got Christmas in the title, that's how you know.

C: Oh yeah. I love this movie so much. I really do.

J: It's so good. I don't think I've ever met anyone who's not seen it and not loved it. It's got excellent songs in it. I mean, I think any Victorian novel is made better with the addition of Muppets, quite frankly, so it's definitely made Dickens a lot better. I first saw this movie when I was really, really young and just loved it because it's brightly colored and it's fun and there's music in it. But then went back and revisited when I was older and old enough to appreciate some of the slightly more adult jokes that went over my head as a child, and loved it even more. I just think it's great. I've not seen it for a few years though so I'm definitely gonna...

C: There's a lot of, like, really creepy stuff in there as well.

J: It's quite dark, yeah.

C: It does get dark. But it's got some high notes as well. Yeah, no it's really good.

J: Which is why it's so good, because they've not completely dumbed down the story it's inspired by.

C: It's a Wonderful Life.

J: It is a wonderful life, Charlie. I like that positivity.

C: It is. It's also the name of the film.

J: OK. This is another one that I've not seen and it's a classic, it's really bad.

C: You haven't seen It's a Wonderful Life? I will say that I only saw it for the first time, like, a couple of years ago. It was my girlfriend, Emily, who introduced me to it. She watches it every single Christmas Eve religiously.

J: Nice.

C: It is a beautiful film, it really is. It's very old now, 1946 is when it was originally brought out. Good old James Stewart playing the lead role in it.

J: Jimmy Stew.

C: And it's also, like, that idea of, like, you know, figure... like that kind of, like, trope now, I think, of what would life had been like if I hadn't existed?

J: Yeah, right.

C: How, like... It's all about, you know, the impact that the character has on the people around him and he's, you know, he's, like, lusting to kind of get outside of this, like, bubble that he lives in, but he never does and how that is actually a good thing. It's just, it's a lovely, lovely movie.

J: So you recommend it then?

C: And I would strongly recommend it, yeah.

J: 'Cause I'm sort of one of those idiots who sometimes thinks that old black and white films are boring. So I need to get over that and give it a go.

C: Yeah, this is definitely one of those films that completely breaks that. You will instantly get into it, I promise you.

J: OK.

C: It's really good.

J: OK.

Edward Scissorhands. Now again...

C: Not E.T.?

J: Not E.T., I would love to have chosen E.T. I mean...

C: Jimmy's favorite movie.

J: It is my favorite movie of all time. I did think about it but there are no Christmas references really in E.T. I suppose the spaceship looks like it could be fairy lights if you really squint your eyes.

C: Yeah, maybe.

J: But Edward Scissorhands, it does take place at Christmas 'cause there's a bit where someone's putting up Christmas lights on the outside of a house and it's snowy. And also I always find that the music sounds quite festive, like a little bit jingly. I love, I love Edward Scissorhands 'cause it's just the right level of dark and weird but also heartwarming and it makes you think differently about people, especially people who have got scissors for hands and who are essentially robots. (Charlie laughs) So...

C: I was just gonna say, it is definitely one of my favorite Tim Burton movies.

J: It's so good!

C: It is really, really good.

J: And I think it's really festive. Maybe you guys completely disagree. Leave me a comment, is Edward Scissorhands a Christmas film? I think it is.

 Cereal News (7:38)

C: It's Cereal News, the most serious part of Cereal Time, where we give you the low-down in what's going on in the world of cereal. Hit the theme song.

C: Cereal News! Cereal News! Cereal News! Cereal News!

J: We should get a proper Cereal News jingle.

C: Thank you Shannon Foley for that gem.

J: Yeah, thanks very much. Keep the news jingles coming in 'cause we're not decided yet, we wanna... (Charlie laughs) I mean, it wouldn't be fair to just go with the first one we get, would it. So we want to get a range of different jingles, some better, some, you know...

C: Stop denying the people their Cereal News, Jimmy.

J: Right. Headline number one: Cereal has gone very 21st century.

C: Ooh.

J: Yes, this is the story that toasted quinoa cereal replacement recipes are rising in popularity. Quinoa, a very healthy grain. It's not a grain, actually, it's technically a seed. Recipes such as toasted quinoa cereal with pistachios and figs, that sounds really nice, but does this tickle your cereal bone?  Let us know your thoughts, (Charlie laughs) I've actually had quinoa cereal before.

C: How is it?

J: It was really nice.

C: Oh.

J: It was, like, little chocolate, sort of like a healthy chocolate cereal.

C: Yeah, well I mean...

J: Maybe healthy, maybe not.

C: Yeah. Put chocolate in cereal, it's probably not healthy.

J: But quinoa, Charlie.

C: Headline number two: Cereal causes uncertainty for Manchester United manager. Apparently this is real. Louis van Gaal, I'm not saying that correctly, manager of football team Manchester United, is apparently irritating his team with cereal based pre-match routines. Supposedly Louis holds cereal and toast sessions the night before matches. It is unclear as to why the team dislike these routines.

J: (Laughs) We're really bringing you the big stories.

C: Unclear. (Laughs) I can get it. Like, 10 p.m., you don't want to maybe have to have cereal and toast before you've got a match the next day.

J: I don't think it's... Yeah. It's probably not good if you've got to go and run around for an extended period of time the next day, it's not that healthy, is it.

C: No.

J: But, yeah.

C: Whatever you want to do, Louis.

J: Yeah.

C: It's your team.

J: (Laughs) It's your team. OK. Final headline: Peru cereal production is booming. Peru's 2015 cereal production is up 6%.

C: Wow.

J: And we'll keep you informed of any, of any increase...

C: That's the whole story? That's the whole story.

J: That's the whole story. Any fluctuation there in that percentage, you'll be the first to know by the medium of Cereal News. Keep your stories coming in,

  Outro (9:57)

J: Tuesday complete. Thanks for watching, guys. Oh! Something's just fell over back there. What was that? Have we got a ghost?

C: We lost a pear.

J: Oh, it's a pear. We've lost a glittery pear.

C: We lost a pear.

J: What a shame. It was always gonna happen though. If you want to check out yesterday's video where we made some sort of face mask things out of various food stuffs then do check that out.

C: It's very fun.

J: It makes for a very entertaining and informative watch.

C: Mmm. Now it's time for the.... (Laughs) You thought that sound was funny did you, Josh? (All laugh)

J: Mmm!

C: Mmm!

J: Mmm!

C: Twitter Thought of the Day now from A who says "How many flies could a butterfly f... butterfly... How many flies could a butterfly..." (Laughs)

J: Go on.

C: "How many... How many flies could a butterfly..."

J: "How many flies could a butterfly fly if a butterfly could fly flies?"

C: Don't care, not interesting. Not thought provoking. See you tomorrow.

J: See you tomorrow (Both laugh)