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In which Hank mashes up his Thoughts from Places video with some more information about the Project for Awesome!!!

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Good morning, John. First things first, Project for Awesome is coming and it's coming fast! Project for Awesome will be a little bit different this year and it will take place almost exclusively on So if you want to participate at all, even if you're just tuning in for a little bit, you need to go right now to and subscribe. Right now. It is extremely important to the success of the Project for Awesome that you do that. Once again, right now. However many views this video gets, that is how many people I expect to be subscribed to! People, this is for charity!

Now, if you are going to make a video you also need to go subscribe to, but you should also go to the links in my pants to get the thumbnail! Now, only partners can change their thumbnail. If you're not a partner you can't change your thumbnail. That's fine - you can still participate in the project - but you should put "Project for Awesome" or "P4A" in the title of your video, and put both of those things in the tags, so that we can find your Project for Awesome video! You must then upload those videos at noon on December 17th and then throughout the 17th and 18th, the Project for Awesome crew, including John and I, will be featuring those videos all over the place - on, on our mailing list, on the front page of YouTube, and at

Now, on Wednesday I was in Washington, D.C., and when we go places, we do Thoughts from Places.

Good morning John, I woke up this morning at 6 a.m., and then at 6:30, and then again at 7:30 because apparently (and I guess somewhat unsurprisingly) Washington, D.C. must have more trash than any other city on the planet! But then the garbage trucks stopped coming and I woke up blissfully at around 10 a.m., dramatically entered my fancy-though-somewhat-tiny hotel room, turned off, which helped me sleep but failed to drown out the garbage trucks, and then I took a shower from a shower head that looked remarkably like the planetary defense system that the crew of the Starship Enterprise had to battle in the second season of Star Trek TNG. It totally freaked me out - I was afraid it was going to put me in a stasis field - and then I noticed this mirror. And then I noticed this other mirror. And I notice that there's a hinge on one of them. And I was trying to figure out why this mirror had a hinge and then I realized it's so you can do this.


They pretty much thought of everything here at this hotel. And then I dramatically left my hotel because apparently my hotel has a thing for curtains, and then I was released onto the streets of Washington, D.C. I enjoyed my walk, seeing many monuments of monumental people. This here is Horis Trinkleton, the famous cabbage fancier, and here we have Inglebert Humart, who triumphed at the battle of Upper Little Bigton, and then I wandered past the giant temple to Pescandruscus, the Zoroastrian god of penetration, and finally we have the monument of Anjou Teleteleteleton, the inventor of both Velcro and the pencil sharpener. And then by random chance I ran into Quizzuckle Couleasy Flip, the squirrel ambassador to the United States. We had a brief conversation in which he apologized for the crimes of Scuzzy Kizoozle, and informed me that since the passage of the Squirrel Friendliness and Cleanliness Act of 1982, there has been a dramatic decrease in squirrel-related fatalities.

So a little-known fact: the squirrels will only approach humans for two things: food and to be on YouTube.

Ok, seriously, though, Washington, D.C. really is an amazing place. It's a place where you feel the power of our nation's past much more viscerally. I was in D.C. for a little event thingy that YouTube was throwing for policy and politics people. I was on a panel about using YouTube for good in which I talked all about the Project for Awesome, of course. It was fun, but way too short, and I wish I had taken some video of the amazing Indian food I got.

John, I'll see you on Monday.

Don't forget to go to and subscribe! You can do that right now! That's the only thing I'm devoting this end screen to! P4A go subscribe right now! You can also subscribe to get email updates. That is probably a good idea as well. You will not regret this decision.