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In which John discusses eight things he likes, from books to music to his baby.


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Good morning Hank it's Monday. First I have to correct something about your video from Friday: You said the Project For Awesome begins at midnight on December 17th, in fact it begins at noon Eastern time December 17th. So upload your videos as close to noon as possible and then tune into

So Hank today I want to tell you about 8 things I love.

Thing one: this book, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Holy snood do I love this book! So a couple years ago at LeakyCon a Nerdfighter comes up to me and she says: "I'm a Nerdfighter and I wrote a book, it's coming out in 2010, can I send you a copy?" and I said, "Sure". Right so flash forward 2 years, I get this book in the mail and I'm like "I'll read a page or two," and then I can't stop reading it because it is made of sweetness and funny and awesome. Hank, Anna and the French Kiss is like Maureen Johnson and I had a baby, a French baby. No, it is nothing like that. But it is super-funny and smart and one of the most genuinely romantic stories I have ever read.

Second thing I love: Karen Kavett, who designed that. Karen has been a Nerdfighter forever, she designed the Project for Awesome thumbnail this year, she did all the French Revolution videos, and I'm just so grateful for her.

Thing three: Beckoning Lovely. Hank, as you know I'm obsessed with my friend Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Beckoning of Lovely project, in which she tries to beckon lovely things into the world. You can find a link to a video of what happened on 10/10/10 in Chicago in the dooblydoo, and it might make you cry. It makes me cry, uhh, but I'm a crier. Hank I don't think you've ever cried in any of our videos, I'd like to see you cry in a video. I can't, I don't think I've seen you cry since you were a kid. Probably the last time I saw you cry was when I was punching you.

Thing four: this shirt, which is currently stuck on my glasses, and which was given to me by Nerimon. Thanks Alex!

Thing five: Charlie. So Hank I met Charlie McDonnell when he was, to use the language of his native country, but a young lad. But even back then I remember thinking, "This kid, aside from being outrageously handsome, is kind of a genius." Ever since, Charlie has been proving me right, but never more than on his new album This is Me, which is honestly, I haven't been able to stop listening to it on iTunes. It's the only thing in my iTunes. I have Bread on repeat, and have listened to it... 621 times. This raises the alarming possibility that I might technically be a fangirl. Also, on the back of his CD he wrote, "I hope you like it" and then "Hopeful Charlie". I liked it, Charlie.

Thing six: White dog, white snow.

Thing seven: Hank, I have perhaps saved the best for nearly last. So a couple weeks ago my friend Joe Felice asked me to participate in The Station is Watching You, a show that works to give new YouTubers a bigger audience. Joe chose for me a user named Vi Hart, and French the Llama is she amazing! The crazy part of the story is that Vi Hart has been a Nerdfighter since 2007 and in fact designed the original Nerdfighter pirate logo. Nerdfighters, click here, watch a Vi Hart video, and your whole life will be changed. You may think you hate math, but you don't hate Math, you hate the way you've been taught math. Hank she can also play Jingle Bells with candy buttons, which is a major development in the history of candy buttons.

And lastly Hank, thing eight: the Napoleon. So Hank this is Napoleon, and lately my son Henry has taken to pointing in the direction he would like to be taken. Hank, I love the Napoleon because Henry clearly believes that I am a horse. He's like: "And now we shall head that way, horse. To the candy!"

So Hank that's stuff I love: Nerdfighters writing books and making music and making videos about math musicianship. Nerdfighters, please tell me some stuff that you love so I can find new stuff to love, and Hank - don't forget to be awesome.

This is the end screen, where we do the end screen stuff. There's Vi Hart and Charlie, Karen Kavett, the Beckoning of Lovely. There's a link to get Anna and the French Kiss by nerdfighter Stephanie Perkins in the doobly doo. Also don't forget to subscribe to, where the magic will begin Friday at noon eastern.