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Hello. I'm Hank Green and you are watching Truth or Fail: the drugs edition. Disclaimer: Truth or Fail and its constituent parts do not condone or encourage the use of illegal drugs. Do not do drugs because drugs are a bad idea. But that doesn't mean they aren't interesting. Truth or Fail is a very simple little YouTube game. I'm gonna tell you two statements, that was four. I'm gonna tell you two statements about the history of drugs and drug culture and all you have to do is click on the true statement or you fail. Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs!

Round one

Fact one: When an organization tested hundreds of thousands of random $1 bills in America they discovered that four out of every five of those $1 bills had traces of cocaine on it.


Fact two: Kinder Eggs, those delicious little chocolate eggs with toys in the middle, are illegal in America because the government fears that people will try to smuggle drugs inside of them.